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Evolve Kefir Comes to Chicago

Evolve is a “probiotic smoothie” from NYC based Mountainside Farms (New York’s premier dairy supplier, family-owned Mountainside Farms, ) and it’s now available at many Chicago Jewel stores.  Kefir means “feel good” in Turkish. Will you “feel good” drinking kefir? That depends. Kefir is not dairy free, but some individuals who do not experience anaphylaxis... Read more »

Play with Food: More Easter Goodness and Creative Use of Peeps

With all the candy and baked foods that come with Easter it’s so important for those with peanut allergies to be especially careful. The Nutty Video site promotes nut allergy awareness. This mission was inspired by the creator’s second child who also has nut allergies. The Nutty Video site will show you how to use an Epi Pen, recognize a... Read more »

Tisk-it-a-Tasket It's an Allergy Free Easter Basket

Spring is finally here and it’s almost time for the Easter Bunny’s arrival. There are plenty of allergy free goodies for your child’s Easter Basket check out this colorful list.  If you really want to play it safe you could also go with non-edible Easter gifts such as stickers, plants, toys and games. Allergy Apparel... Read more »

Gaining Weight in a Healthy Way

I had a couple of readers ask me recently about how to gain weight in a healthy way. Weight loss is not uncommon for people who start cutting out allergens. For those who are already thin this may not be a welcome change. This is especially true for young athletes or for those recovering from... Read more »

St. Patrick's Day the Healthy Way

Perhaps you prefer to stick to your diet or maybe you gave up unhealthy food for Lent then comes St. Patrick’s Day with all its libations and sugary green frosted cupcakes. Now what? Kim Christensen, creator of the Affairs of Living blog, is sharing her “Shamrock Shake” alternative with us. I have had a lot... Read more »

Play with Food: Spring Holidays and More

There is no reason that allergic kiddies can’t partake in all the Easter basket goodness. has provided quite an extensive list of gluten free candy. Of course if you have allergies such as peanut, dairy or soy will need to further investigate. While I’m still on my sugar free regime, I won’t judge you... Read more »

Play with Food: The Abs Diet Made Allergy Free and More

I was inspired by fellow Tweeter and Model Stefan Pinto to review the Abs Diet: The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life by authors David Zinczenko and Ted Spiker; known for the bright orange cover and popularity in many men’s fitness magazines. The Abs Diet works because it is high in... Read more »

Allergy Free Superfoods for Babies

Square One Organics is a Chicago based company providing organic and gluten free baby food. Denise and Jeffrey Henderson found themselves as first time parents of a baby with food allergies. Denise began her mission to research food and nutrition and thus began making her own baby food. The Square One line is organic, gluten... Read more »

Play with Food: Pretty Plating and More

As a single gal I often eat over the sink but I’m finding my no-sugar regime has made me more mindful of the serenity of sitting down to a meal with beautiful plates, candles and napkins. You don’t have to invest in fine China as some resale shops carry fantastic vintage finds. If you do... Read more »

Can food allergies be cured with positive thinking?

I read a lot of self help books and I’m sure that comes as a big surprise. I do believe that positive thinking can do a lot for a person but can it cure food allergies? I remember seeing The Secret years ago and watching how one woman cured her cancer by using positive daily... Read more »