Despite having multiple food allergies, I never let that get
in the way of my adventurous eating spirit. I started out in life as a visual
artist and then one day I was tested for food allergies. I had to use my
creativity in order to well . . . eat . . . and now I'm hooked. I love the
creativity of food. Food is similar to art with its shapes, color and textures.
I love the challenge of finding foods that are yummy but also allergy safe. 

I am a PAC (Protect Allergic Children)
consultant with ELL. ELL is a non-for-profit organization that stands for
Eating, Living and Learning. I assist families, schools, daycare centers in
their quest to thrive in an allergy safe environment. I am also a student of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Upon graduation I will be a certified holistic health counselor.

I offer my FA (food allergic) peeps advice on the best local
places to eat allergy-free, recipe re-do's, where to shop, FA safety tips, all
with a gluten-free side dish of some bitching and moaning. Sometimes it feels
really unfair to have food allergies. A bag of wheat-free bagels is twice as
expensive as regular bagels. I love cooking shows but there is not one
allergy-free TV guru. In all my years of watching Top Chef there was only one
episode that showcased food allergies and that was the Master show. Apparently,
the good folks at Top Chef had to bring in the big guns to tackle the topic of
food allergies. I know Halloween is frightening on a different level for kids
with peanut allergies. There is not one mainstream allergy-free candy bar but
I'm not bitter . . .

I'm always open to suggestions, questions or comments. Please e-mail me at Chicagoeatsallergyfree@gmail.com. I
raise my dirty martini (made with gluten-free potato vodka) to you. 

*For the readers who might be too young to know. MacGyver
was a show in the 80's with Richard Dean Anderson. He had a mullet but yet was
still really hot. 

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