Please Donate to Jessica Marie Hehn If You Can

Please Donate to Jessica Marie Hehn If You Can

I recently received a FaceBook message from Joe & Jessica Hehn about Jessica’s recent diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer. For those of my readers who subscribe to many health-related blogs and newsletters you may know of Jessica’s company called CHEW Chicago. When I heard the news I felt as if Wonder Woman was struck down by cancer. Jessica is a gorgeous, dynamic, energetic, confident health coach who has inspired myself and many other Institute for Integrative Nutrition students. Here’s the message and if you can please donate money or at least your good thoughts to Jessica:

Jessica Marie Hehn is a fun, loving, beautiful and intelligent woman.  31 years young, Jessica just celebrated her one year wedding anniversary with her loving husband, Joe. They have two little dogs, Belly and Hobo, and live in the Lake View neighborhood of Chicago. Jess and Joe live healthy, active lives and are the committed owners of a small, Chicago-based health and wellness company, CHEW Chicago, where they help individuals create healthier lifestyles through education, food, exercise and fun. Unfortunately, earlier this year Jessica was diagnosed with stage IV non small cell lung cancer, learning the hard truth that cancer does not discriminate. Because they are self employed, their temporary health insurance runs out mid May and will not be renewed due to Jessica’s lung cancer.

Jessica will be undergoing treatment at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas. The Burzynski clinic does not take insurance outright, and Jessica will have to fight for reimbursement from the insurance company. More often than not the treatment is not covered through insurance.  The treatment, cost of stay, flights and expenses are very high, but they feel that it is the best option for Jessica’s health, well being and future.  Every aspect of their lives has been totally changed due to this most current hardship: their health, their business, and therefore their income and finances, their family planning, their living situation and their day to day living. But they know that one thing will always remain constant: the support and love from their families, friends and God.

Click here to donate if you can.

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