Finding Comfort in Uncomfortable Foods Part I

What I mean by “uncomfortable” foods are the foods we know we should eat and don’t. It’s convenient to just grab packaged foods, tear and eat. It takes time and effort to buy vegetables, clean vegetables and cook vegetables. Even though the effort required may initially feel stressful, the result of eating healthy does actually combat stress and ultimately diminishes cravings.

Grocery Cart with Healthy Food

I suggest making the transition to healthy eating as comfortable as possible, here are a few of my tips.

Cook one time for many meals. Make a large amount of brown rice; use a portion as a side dish for dinner, then a portion for tomorrow’s breakfast with milk (I like dairy free milks like hemp milk) with cinnamon and flax seed. Next, take some of that brown rice and add to a stir-fry for lunch.

Wrap it up. Wraps can be made out of the large leaves of collards or romaine. Add some hummus, organic nitrate-free lunch meats or your favorite tuna salad. 

Blend it. If you have a hectic morning or “lunch” at work (notice I put lunch in quotes because how many of us have time to really eat) blending a green smoothie is the perfect solution. Make your smoothie in the morning and pack in a thermos. Slice frozen bananas and blend with a handful of greens (like raw spinach) and water to blend. Green smoothie recipes are endless. You can use any fruit and any green and simply blend. You can add superfoods like chlorella, flax seeds, hemp protein or maca as you wish.A family that cooks together stays together. 

Make cooking a fun activity for the whole family. A child can help prepare dinner by tearing broccoli or kale into little pieces (no knives required). Other options include having children mix a salad or set the table. How about dinner music if you have youngsters with musical talents request calming (notice I said calming) music to play while the other children are setting the table or helping prepare the food.

Part II: Coming up next . . . how to find comfort in our cravings.

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