An Update on the Kombucha Recall

As I have previously mentioned, Kombucha has been taken off the shelves of many Chicago retailers. Click here if you want the scoop. I’ll share with you a few places where I found kombucha, just save a couple of bottles for me please! You can find Kombucha at the Green Grocer on 1402 W. Grand. They sell Thrive in six flavors: Original Yerba Mate, Enhanced with Roobios, Balanced with Tulsi (Holy Basil), Ginger Fix, Real Mint and Acai Pomegranite. I sampled Thrive’s blend made with yerba mate at a recent tasting. I thought it was so yummy that I purchased two bottles. Thrive can also be found at Cousins IV or you can call 815-260-2815 for an order.

NesAlla Kombucha.jpg

Nassalla Kombucha comes in many yummy flavors! I want to collect them all.


Another Kombucha brand is Nessalla, produced by a team of Madison-based “Kombucha Queens” Vanessa Tortolano and Alla Shapiro. Nessalla’s flavors include Seasonal, Lemongrass Ginger, Passionfruit, Blueberry and Traditional Oolong. According to the website, “The tea we use is from Rishi. Rishi is based out of Milwaukee, WI and they have the best tea, hands down. We use sugar from Frontier and bottles from Milwaukee. We try to keep everything as local as possible. Supporting our community and the communities around us is very important to us. We make every batch fresh to order, which means it doesn’t sit around waiting to be sold. So every bottle you purchase has been bottled with in the last week and has not had to travel far to get to your glass.” Nessalla can be found at the Green Gocer, Renalli’s and Kopi Cafe in Andersonville. 

Gene’s Sausage Shop in my hood sells Kombucha Wonder Drink. I find it to be a little too sweet for my taste but when I’m overcome with cravings I will walk over to Gene’s for a purchase. I’m a “kombucha person” meaning I prefer earthy, robust tasting Kombucha. Kombucha Wonder Drink is not raw or pasteurized product which makes it legal for stores to carry (no wonder it’s not my favorite). This statement was expressed on their website, “Kombucha Wonder Drink is a pasteurized product, ensuring the safety and absence of alcohol in our refreshing sparkling tea beverages. While raw product has been removed from some store shelves, Kombucha Wonder Drink is available nationwide.” Apparently they are enjoying good sales while other brands are being pulled off the shelves. Gene’s has three flavors on hand: Asian Pear Ginger, Essence of Peach, and their Traditional Blend.

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