ELL Announces First-Ever National Food Allergy School Safety Assembly

Geneva’s very own ELL Foundation (that stands for Eating & Educating, Living Life) announces its sponsorship of an assembly to raise awareness and support for the reintroduction and passage of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Management Act (FAAMA). After passing the US House of Representatives in 2008, FAAMA must be reintroduced to the US Congress. This legislation includes voluntary guidelines as written by the U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services so that all schools can be educated and can foster safer learning environments for food allergic and anaphylactic students.


The Protect Allergic Children Across America! School Safety Assembly will be held on June 19th, 2010 from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.

The ELL Foundation will bring together US Legislators, top allergy and immunology specialists, school administrators and medical professionals, food allergic community members, food allergy safety product manufactures and local and national media. 

Attendees will hear from leading experts and participate in a wide variety of activities. 

  • US Representative Dan Maffei will discuss the importance of the passage of FAAMA 
  • Learn from an expert medical panel including widely recognized specialist in allergy & immunology, Dr. Juan Sotomayor and president of the NY Zone 10 Association of School Nurses, Lisa Morgan, RN 
  • Visit the Food Allergy Safety Corner featuring allergy-friendly foods and safety products 
  • Learn about allergen ingredient labeling from Wegmans, a leading food retailer and R-Biopharm, a food allergy testing equipment manufacturer 
  • You also have the chance to win $50 gift certificates provided by Destiny Mall 

As Founder and President of the ELL Foundation, Kathleen Silverman explains, “Our goal in sponsoring the Protect Allergic Children Across America School Safety Assembly is to encourage the passage of FAAMA which will provide the necessary support to schools so that food allergic students are better protected. This bill will assist the tens of thousands of families who struggle on a daily basis to ensure the safety of their food allergic children and it will empower and direct the majority of educators who are not currently equipped with proper protocols at their school to protect these students.” Silverman continues, “Events such as this aligns with the ELL Foundation’s crusade to train and educate schools, camps, child care facilities, hospitals, culinary institutes and food allergic families on food allergy safety through its Protect Allergic Children (PAC) Program. We are grateful to Representative Maffei for his support and involvement in this important initiative and we invite communities across the country to join the ELL mission in support of the passage of the FAAMA legislation.” 

More about ELL 
Eating & Educating, Living Life (ELL) is a 501 (c) (3) organization that supports the right of every child to eat safe foods, learn in safe environments and live a safer life with food allergies and anaphylaxis. ELL focuses on two key areas; Allergen Ingredient Mislabeling and the Protect Allergic Children (PAC) Food Allergy Safety Training Program provided to schools, camps, child care centers and to food allergic families across the US. ELL was founded by Kathleen Silverman after her severely food-allergic son suffered anaphylactic shock from mislabeled food products and the family struggled to find a safe school for her child to attend. ELL really does a great job in regards to keeping tabs on FDA recalls and reports. If you remember a few months back they were quite busy with many recalls to report. You can purchase their allergy free cookbook, “The Party is at the Safe House”, from their website.

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