Lessons Learned from Food Revolution

Friday was the last episode of Food Revolution and I’m sad it’s over. I hope there’s a Food Revolution II so Oliver can go to another American town that needs his help, certainly there is no shortage of nutritionally defunct towns in our country. I did a lot of armchair cheering as he tried to get the people of Huntington, West Virginia to eat real and recognizable food. Here are some of the lessons we can take away from Food Revolution:


  1. There are no chocolate or strawberry cows. Chocolate and strawberry milks have just as much sugar as soda. If sugar consumption robs the body of minerals than putting sugar in the milk in order to get the kiddies to drink it is actually counterproductive.
  2. Don’t watch it jiggle. I had to laugh as Oliver commented on the “luminosity” of the blue gelatin snack-pack eaten by an elementary schooler, it makes for better art than food. That being said gelatin can be healthy as many macrobiotic cookbooks have various gelatin recipes made with agar agar (a health promoting sea vegetable). Jessica Porter’s fabulous Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics is a great resource.
  3. Eat less fried food. Remember the family Jamie visited during the first couple of episodes and how much fried food they consumed? And then remember when they went to their doctor to assess their health and how poor it was? Yes, there is definitely a connection here.
  4. Food should not come in funny shapes like chicken nuggets. Real food is recognizable. No wonder those kids could not recognize what real vegetables are. 
  5. Fork and knife meals will slow you down and that’s a good thing. I was shocked watching the episode with children not knowing how to use a knife and fork. We need to learn to savour our food.
Lastly, don’t forget to sign the petition to support Food Revolution so our kids can receive better food and keep cooking skills alive.

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