Evolve Kefir Comes to Chicago

Evolve is a “probiotic smoothie” from NYC based Mountainside Farms (New York’s premier dairy supplier, family-owned Mountainside Farms, ) and it’s now available at many Chicago Jewel stores


Kefir means “feel good” in Turkish. Will you “feel good” drinking kefir? That depends. Kefir is not dairy free, but some individuals who do not experience anaphylaxis when consuming dairy may be able to tolerate it. The 11 live and active cultures including two probiotic strains aid digestion. Evolve is high in calcium, a good source of low-fat protein and, unlike traditional kefir, is also an excellent source of dietary fiber offering five grams of soluble fiber per serving.

In my experience with kefir it doesn’t give me the same horrible stomach ache as let’s say ice cream does but I do get the ole dairy earaches so I avoid it. For those of you who have only gluten allergies you can drink it freely as this product is gluten free. 


Flavors come in Plain, Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach and Pomegranate at approximately $3.79 per 32 fluid oz. container. Evolve Kefir is loaded with immune boosting probiotics that are known to alleviate seasonal allergies, promote weight loss, beautify skin, and some even claim that certain types of cancer can be prevented through consistent use.

I appreciate Old World cuisine and authors like Sally Fallon (Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats) have been praising the wonders of fermented beverages like Kefir for years. The cultured milk beverage has been popular in Eastern European countries and is now growing increasingly popular in the U.S. as consumers grow more aware of its benefits. Kefir provides five times the number of cultures than yogurt and is currently a fast-growing $30 million category. For more information you can follow Evolve on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

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