Welcome! The Chicago Creepout is a destination for those looking for something to do that's on the darker side of fun. Do not be frightened. On the contrary, Chicago's spooky community embodies the most considerate, talented and funniest people I've ever met.

I intend to introduce my readers to this thriving community through artist spotlights, upcoming event information and anecdotes, local horror business highlights, film education, observations, etc. Every once in a while, I may toss in an interview with one of the horror heavyweights that work so hard to keep Chicago one of the top cities known for horror in the country.

Why is Chicago worthy of being called one of the most notable cities for horror? Because it's been earned.

For one thing, Chicago has a history of being a haunted city. A trip on Weird Chicago Tours will quickly bring you up to speed on that. I'll never claim to be an expert, but I'll toss a few out here. The ghost of 'Resurrection Mary' in haunted Resurrection Cemetery. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Various "haunted" locations courtesy of Al Capone and John Dillinger. Serial killer H.H. Holmes. Bachelor's Grove, often stated as being the most haunted cemetery in America. Famous horror host Svengoolie currently on Me-TV - a character that dates back to the original Svengoolie from 1970!

Getting back to the present on how horror has been evolving in the Windy City... We've watched the little guys grow. Horror groups nurturing what were once free movie nights many years ago into full-blown film festivals lasting 1-3 days. The historical theaters that support horror fests. Haunted and paranormal tours. Numerous locally-based spooky websites sprouting up. Large-scale conventions drawing attendees from all over. Drive-Ins still in operation, often screening sci-fi and horror in 35mm. Horror toy and record shops for all your consumer needs. Official movie premieres only hitting a few cities, choosing to screen in Chicago. Genre-related art exhibits. The COMMUNITY. It's rampant, and my plan is to continue awareness of the amazing events and opportunities that slither about.

"Every day is Halloween." Well, in Chicago, it's almost every week these days. Admittedly, it's frustrating. We feel blessed, but we also feel quite broke and tired as a result. Sometimes, like everything in life, we have to pick and choose our battles. An abundance of options for fun is definitely a pocket-sized complaint. Expect news on movie screenings, zombie walks, festivals, strange art exhibits, scary attractions, literary readings, creepy plays, and even notices on a chance to be an extra in local, independent horror films!

About me:

I grew up in northern Indiana and graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with an art degree. Let's just say that was a while ago. I've worked in banks, law firms and theatre. I worked at the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper for ten years, being creative in the Advertising Art department as well as laying out the paper in Pagination using my puzzle-solving skills. The newspaper job was the spark that lit the fire to constantly need to know what's going on. The news is like the mail. It never stops. As exciting as it may be, it's also quite maddening. Hence, my interest.

I've been known to sculpt a few gargoyles and original creatures, which have been exhibited at Lincoln Square Pottery Studio and Chicago's Flashback Weekend Horror Convention. My pieces have been in the same room as the cast of The Devil's Rejects!

I moderate/founded The Chicago Creepout Facebook page, moderate/founded the Yahoo! group Chicago Creepster since 2006 - Chicagocreepster.com, contributed to DreadCentral.com and BloodyDisgusting.com in 2015, previous HorrorHound Film Festival Volunteer, Contributed to Horror Society for 4 years, Affiliate of DarkChicago.com, judged a few zombie pinup contests at various festivals, and tweeter of insomnia-laden posts about movies, monsters and madness at @Kreepylady.

You may contact me by sending a message to the admin on The Chicago Creepout Facebook page (linked above) or email kreepylady@gmail.com.

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    Horror movie fanatic. Sculptor of oddities. Owner of Chicago Creepster Yahoo!, festival volunteer, writer, artist, social media freelance. Officially a biomechanical Frankenlady. Doing what I can to support our spooky community.

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