Prized DePaul freshman Shane Larkin leaving town

Prized DePaul freshman Shane Larkin leaving town

Put away those Barry Larkin baseball cards that you were waiting to get signed at the Allstate Arena this year.

In a stunning turn of events, DePaul announced less than an hour ago that Shane Larkin, son of Baseball Hall of Famer Barry Larkin, a top recruit from Florida and the future of the DePaul backcourt under head coach Oliver Purnell is permanently leaving the team before he even plays a single minute for the Blue Demons.

The school’s official release cites “a medical condition that requires Larkin to be closer to his Orlando home.”

As Lindsey Willhite has already pointed out, something is fishy here. Any serious health concerns would have been discovered when Larkin first entered the program, and a medical red-shirt would have been the first recourse. A no-brainer.

CBS’ Jeff Goodman and Reggie Rankin are speculating that Larkin will land at either Miami or Central Florida.

This is a big hit for Purnell’s squad who was looking to build around the solid PG duo of Brandon Young and Larkin. Perhaps Larkin wasn’t looking to share minutes.

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