Blue Demons part of deep-pocketed overseas class

With DePaul’s France trip quickly approaching, the team’s six remaining pre-trip practice days (out of 10 total) are scheduled to be used sometime in early August before the team departs O’Hare airport Thursday, August 11.

In addition to the expenses involved, the NCAA, for some reason, only allows teams to travel abroad once every four years. This also seems to be the cool year for teams to make the leap and (market?) their image in Europe.

So what other D-I teams will be getting their passports stamped in the coming months? I put together a list of what turned out to be some of the most deep-pocketed schools around — those traveling to Europe and Asia.

  • Stanford leaves for an 11-day trip to Spain Sept. 3 to play some big name pro teams.
  • Duke will be playing in China and Dubai in August, and is in talks with ESPN to broadcast some games live.
  • Illinois scheduled a tour of Italy for August. No word on whether they’re actually going to play basketball.
  • Villanova, another re-building squad heads to France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands next month — possible Nova/DePaul street hoops in Paris?
  • Tennessee cancelled their trip to Italy. It’s already been a rough season for the Vols.
  • The California Bears may face actual bears when they trek overseas to Sweden, Norway and Denmark in August. This Yahoo Sports article attempts to link the Bears’ last two overseas tours with subsequent trips to the NCAA tournament. Get ready Blue Demons fans.
  • Mississippi State will be all over Europe in August. Renardo Sidney isn’t invited to the party.
  • Dayton will be in Europe very shortly. Don’t know where they came up with the money.

It will be interesting to see if somehow there is a connection between traveling abroad one season and appearing in the NCAA tournament in the next, whether just by planning the trip at the right time or by pure luck.

Unfortunately there isn’t really a list of any kind anywhere or what teams traveled overseas and when. You may be in for a good 2013, DePaul fans.

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