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News Round Up - Thursday, Sept. 30

You can feel the start of college basketball season coming. With Northwestern’s recent schedule release all of the area’s schools have released their full schedules and I’ve made my plans. The other way you can tell games are coming? News is starting to pick up. There were some very interesting articles released over the past... Read more »

The Land of Cupcakes - Northwestern's 2010-11 Schedule

Northwestern’s 2010-11 men’s basketball schedule has been released and it’s a doozy. It looks sort of like a Candy Land board because of all the cupcakes you’ll find on it. I don’t know if Bill Carmody doesn’t trust his sort of young team (except that he’s got a senior point guard in Michael Thompson and... Read more »

Chicago State's Meandering Schedule

Chicago State recently released its 2010-11 schedule and it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a team that’s consistently near the bottom of Division I in revenue and wins. The Cougars play all but one non-conference Division I game on the road this season and face a tough road before Great West Conference play begins... Read more »

News Round Up - Thursday, Sept. 23

I like doing news round ups on Thursdays. It makes the week feel more complete. Not much to report this week, but a couple interesting tidbits about Chicago State scheduling, a Big Ten preview for a former player and a tribute to Alumni Gym. I found it very interesting that Slam Magazine got a Cornell... Read more »

What will DePaul's record be?

The DePaul Blue Demons’ complete men’s basketball schedule has been released. Thus the speculation about how well DePaul will play in Oliver Purnell’s first season on the bench can begin. Personally, I think the team is a good position and if a few things break the right way the Blue Demons could end up finishing... Read more »

News Round Up - Thursday, Sept. 16

Some random stuff I’ve been collecting in the old bookmarks file: Congratulations to the Daily Herald’s Lindsey Wilhite for making this list. He definitely deserves it for all the hard work he does covering DePaul, Northwestern and Illinois. More than almost anyone wants to know about Loyola’s incoming recruiting class can be found in this... Read more »

Loyola's schedule has a couple quirks

Loyola (Ill.)’s men’s basketball schedule is out and I think it’s a passable schedule for a decent mid-major that is hoping to compete in the Horizon League this season and hopefully reach the postseason. (Which I think is what Loyola’s goals are / should be.) Well, except for one rather odd decision. The Ramblers could’ve... Read more »

European statistics are sketchy

I was hoping to do per possession statistics for Northwestern’s trip to Italy, but I discovered when I looked at the recaps that the box scores don’t quite have enough statistical depth to allow for it. No offensive rebounds means no way of calculating possessions and now minutes played means usage rates are impossible to... Read more »

News Round Up - Friday, Sept. 3

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted some thoughts here on the blog. It’s been so long I almost couldn’t remember my log-in. Of course, it’s really only two weeks, but in the 24-hour news cycle that can feel like an eternity. In that time there has been a lot going on.... Read more »