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Northwestern marketing and recruiting

Marketing Buzz:  The Northwestern Wildcats are getting more aggressive in promoting the program. Athletic director Jim Phillips said in a statement that the Wildcats are set to begin a campaign on Monday with the slogan, “Northwestern: Chicago’s Big Ten Team.”  This seems like a broad change in strategy from typical Northwestern marketing efforts, of which... Read more »

Kevin Coble isn't coming back, but he wasn't the answer anyways

By now you’ve heard that Kevin Coble will not play for the Northwestern Wildcats during the 2010-11 season, or ever again. The recovery from his broken foot is taking longer than expected, and instead of continuing through grueling rehab with the chance of injuring it again during the season which would come with possible life-altering... Read more »

The East Coast Bias' Big East Roundtable for July

Pico over at The East Coast Bias, a St. John’s basketball blog, has just finished wrapping up the four-part Big East roundtable for July. You should go check out each of the pieces to see what people have to say about recruiting and personnel moves going into next season. More than half of the Big... Read more »

Next in line at UIC

Now that Jimmy Collins has announced that he’ll be retiring at the end of August, it is time to start looking into potential replacements. The logical successor at UIC was supposed to be Tracy Dildy, but he’s now the head coach at Chicago State. Further, if the Flames’ administration had wanted to hire Dildy, wouldn’t... Read more »

Jimmy Collins retiring from UIC

The UIC athletic department just released a statement saying that current men’s head basketball coach Jimmy Collins will be retiring effective August 31, 2010. That’s right, if you thought the Chicago coaching carousel had finished, it hasn’t. I unfortunately don’t have time to comment on this more, but expect much more coverage of Collins’ retirement,... Read more »

Chicago College Basketball Scheduling Notes

The season is fast approaching – we’re already halfway done the off season – and schedule notes are starting to leak out as teams fill their openings. Here are some of the more interesting things that are going to be on the schedule this season. 1) DePaul and Loyola will renew their crosstown rivalry –... Read more »

DePaul and open scholarships

All of a sudden DePaul has two open scholarships for the 2010-11 season. One was created by the Blue Demons finally releasing Walter Pitchford from his National Letter of Intent. While it was quite the saga, the Blue Demons were well within their rights to ask Pitchford to honor his commitment to the university. The... Read more »

What Tracy Dildy's hiring means to Chicago

It seems to me that Tracy Dildy’s hiring at Chicago State isn’t just the long awaited chance for a coach to finally make his mark as the head man. In the end his hiring, and his coaching career at the school on the South Side of the city, is going to be about two things:... Read more »