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Northwestern Season Epilogue

John Shurna’s development was one of the big keys for Northwestern this season. The Northwestern Wildcats went one step further than any other team in Chicago. They reached the postseason. Sure, it wasn’t the NCAA Tournament, but the NIT is nothing to sneeze at. But a road game anywhere and especially in the Ryan Center... Read more »

Hollinger Stats, Free Pizza and the Obama Bracket

Before Northwestern’s NIT game tonight I wanted to check in on some other news. Here are my takes on a few interesting notes from college basketball over the past week. (The firing of Seton Hall’s Bobby Gonzalez not included.) John Hollinger has released College PER stats: ESPN’s wizard of statistics put his PER to the... Read more »

Northwestern gets its shot tonight - an NIT recap

If you didn’t follow the NIT on the ESPN family of networks last night no one would blame you. Considering how tired I am though, I think it’s safe to admit that I stayed up to watch Jacksonville’s epic comeback against Arizona State. This is a way of saying I watched way too many college... Read more »

DePaul coaching search reaches Deadspin

I’m not quite sure why something that was posted on March 3, 2010 is making national headlines today, but the DePaul coaching search is flying around the Web again. After athletic director Jean Lenti Ponsetto (left) said that DePaul’s next head coach had the potential to be amongst the top two or three highest paid... Read more »

My NCAA Tournament Bracket

You’ve asked for it. And since the Play-In Game doesn’t really matter. Here are my predictions for the NCAA Tournament. Unfortunately converting a PDF to a JPG isn’t my strong suit, but you’ll get the idea. Click for the larger version and good luck in your own endeavors. P.S. This bracket is also in the... Read more »

Chicago Women's College Basketball

DePaul head coach Doug Bruno. Photo courtesy DePaul Athletics/Steve Woltmann. I don’t often – actually I don’t think ever on this site – talk about the women’s teams from Chicago, but after the brackets for the NCAA and NIT Women’s Tournaments were announced last night I think they deserve some recognition. Doug Bruno and the... Read more »

Information dump - Rhode Island

Rhode Island is going to play Northwestern in the first round of the NIT at the Ryan Center in Kingston, RI on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, unlike last season – when I went to Tulsa – I’m not a student and don’t have spring break, so I can’t take the time to go to the game,... Read more »

Predicting the NIT Bracket

This is my third season of attempting to predict the NIT bracket and one of the things I’ve learned during this experience is that the first thing you have to do is make a random guess about which teams are going to care that they’re in the NIT and which ones are just going to... Read more »

Northwestern to play Rhode Island in the NIT

Spread Far the Fame is reporting that Northwestern is going to be playing at Rhode Island in the first round on Wednesday. We’re waiting here at Welsh-Ryan Arena for the television confirmation. If I see it on ESPNU I’ll have quotes from all the involved parties ASAP. “Especially for this team this year. We have... Read more »

Talk about Northwestern's Selection Sunday

No matter what happens today Northwestern fans are going to need to talk about Selection Sunday. If an NIT bid happens, well… I’ll jump out of my chair with joy. If a CBI/CIT bid happens we’ll certainly have something to talk about. This is your chance. I’ll be here all night. So feel free to... Read more »