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Decidely below average - DePaul and Points Contributed

I keep finding new ways to describe how poorly the DePaul Blue Demons played last season, but this is a new low. In terms of points contributed just three DePaul basketball players were above average last season. (They were the usual suspects – Mac Koshwal (left), Will Walker and Dar Tucker.) It wasn’t that the... Read more »

Who was the Big East's best player in 2008-09?

Sometimes numbers are enlightening. They reveal things that no one else was able to see, sometimes though they merely confirm what everyone already knew. In the case of the Big East Conference it’s more of the latter, but some of the former, when looking at points contributed. Points contributed is a statistic unique to Chicago... Read more »

Sunday Links

This week’s edition of Sunday links is abbreviated, but still has something interesting things in it. The Big East Conference had two new previews released last week. It’s no surprise that DePaul is picked at the bottom. Everyone sees the fact that Dar Tucker left and the team was terrible last season and automatically assumes... Read more »

Who was the best player in the Big Ten in 2008-09?

Determining the “best” player during any given college basketball season in a conference with as much talent as the Big Ten is often considered an art more than a science. At the end of the 2008-09 season both the Media and the Big Ten coaches picked Michigan State’s Kalin Lucas as the best player in... Read more »

Twitter coaches list - no Chicago coaches?

Peter Robert Casey has done a great job of collecting all of the NCAA Division I college basketball coaches that are on Twitter. It as an excellent resource. But none of the Chicago basketball coaches have an account. Where are Bill Carmody, Jerry Wainwright, Jim Whitesell, Jimmy Collins and Benjy Taylor? Coaches that are on... Read more »

Is Northwestern basketball boring?

Does this look like boring basketball to you? When the Big Ten basketball schedule was released it included just one national game for Northwestern on CBS or ESPN. That game is February 25, 2010 at Iowa. Now, this will be a very important game, but as the Daily Herald’s Lindsey Willhite astutely points out, the... Read more »

Sunday Links

Craig Moore is headed to Holland to begin his professional basketball career. Northwestern’s Craig Moore is headed off to Holland to play professional basketball, the Chicago Sky are moving out of the UIC Pavilion and heading to Allstate Arena, schedules are being released and there’s lots of information about recruiting in this week’s edition of... Read more »

Big Ten announces conference slate

Northwestern men’s basketball now knows exactly what teams it will be playing during the 2009-10 Big Ten conference. The Big Ten regular season schedule was released on Wednesday. You can check out the whole thing at The two teams the Wildcats will play just once are Purdue and Ohio State. Missing the Boilermakers –... Read more »

Kyle Rowley fractures foot

Kyle Rowley won’t be running down the court any time soon after fracturing his foot on Tuesday. Northwestern center Kyle Rowley fractured his left foot on Tuesday while at a basketball clinic in Chicago, according to Rowley will be sidelined indefinitely. The rising sophomore started 28 games during his freshman season, but played just... Read more »

Northwestern and DePaul not playing during 2009-10 season

I meant to mention this earlier, but when DePaul’s non-conference schedule was released about a week ago it was missing Northwestern. The fact that the Blue Demons and Wildcats won’t be playing this season is another blow to Chicago college basketball fans. From the DePaul press release: “After annual meetings over the last six seasons,... Read more »