Can I Be a Feminist While Still Having Sex with as Many Women as Possible?

I’m a man, but I also consider myself a modern feminist. I’m a strong advocate for equal pay and equal economic advancement for women. I lean considerably left on social issues such as abortion and contraception rights. I actually view these two issues primarily for women; men should just stay out of the political debate all together. I’m also for ending this patriarchal construct we have in our society that benefit the elites, very few of which are women.

That being said, every day I try to get laid.

More specifically, I spend roughly 15 minutes everyday with the sole objective of commandeering an attractive woman’s pants and/or spanx. That’s a lot of work, especially if you’re holding down a full-time job while also being involved in charities and church groups (which are other ways I try to get laid).

What does my sex drive have to do with modern feminism? Seemingly everything from what I’ve been told. I was recently lectured that I’m not a true feminist despite supporting feminist causes because I try to sleep with as many attractive women as I possibly and physically can.

The flawed argument goes: If I truly view women as equals, then I shouldn’t try to get them back to my bedroom all the time; rather, I should only try to get laid once in a while or when “I’m in love.”

Worse yet, when feminists actually find out what I’m into doing in bed, they get even more appalled. I support everything modern feminists support, so why would it matter to them that I enjoy watching a woman do a naked headstand on my bed while I film it on my iPhone, or that I really enjoy playing Halo 4 on Xbox 360 while simultaneously receiving head from a girl wearing nothing but tube socks?

(Please note: I always have the woman’s consent, and most of the time, her encouragement, when performing the above acts).

Modern feminists shouldn’t care what I do in my own bedroom. Isn’t the reason right-wing conservative nut-jobs are looked upon with disdain precisely because they want to dictate what people can and cannot do in the privacy of their own home?

When did modern feminists start acting like the Tea Party? When did modern feminists start moving their fight from the political arena into the bedroom? When did modern feminists start to pass judgment on how I play video games or how I like to view headstands?



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