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There’s a lot of blogs out there written by moms these days. Readers can’t escape the fact that many of these “mommy blogs” use curse words…..a lot.

Of course, I don’t feel anything is inherently wrong with swear words, and nothing is wrong with a mom swearing.

My question is: Why are there so many mommy blogs that freely make use of swear words in their articles?

Many blogs written by younger women don’t have curse words in every post. So what is it about being a mom these days that has brought about this phenomenon?

Personally, I get turned off when I read a woman’s blog and see curse words all over it. I have a feeling many guys feel the same way. Perhaps it’s similar to getting turned off when your girlfriend farts in your presence. It may just be written in our DNA that guys are the ones that are supposed to swear (and fart), and it’s unattractive for women to swear (and fart), but I digress.

At the end of the day, I understand that mommy blogs aren’t written for me, and frankly, these moms aren’t looking for a large male audience. I assume their audience consists substantially of other moms. In a similar vain, I can sense that many single young women bloggers welcome a proportion of male readers and write their blogs accordingly.

But the question remains, why all the swearing?

I’m not going to question or judge what may or may not be happening in these moms’ lives. All the swearing may simply be a way to let out frustrations, or a way to connect with other moms who are going through the same routine. But it does seem like a disproportionate number of mommy bloggers use colorful language as compared to their younger counterparts or even their fellow male bloggers.

I’ve been told multiple times that all the swearing is just moms “being real.”

It’s like how hip hop artists who use the n-word or disrespect women on every other song claim it’s just “being real.”

Just like hip hop stars, these mommy bloggers have legions of fans.

But if all these moms are using swear words on their blogs, are there any repercussions to the younger generation? The n-word and disrespecting women are ubiquitous in hip hop, and many researchers have written articles about the dangers of this on our youth. Could the popularity of mommy blogs and the colorful language inherent in many of them likewise be dangerous to our youth, particularly our daughters, who may be fans of these blogs?




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    I respect your opinion on mom blogs but also know that there are many different kinds of mom blogs so I would suggest opening your horizon a bit when reading these kind of blogs. It is apparent that you are placing us all in one bubble. Check in on http://www.TheChicagoMoms.com and you will find that there is a list of very professional mom bloggers in there who blog without the curse words.

  • In reply to MJ Tam:

    I checked out the link. Let's just say I feel the more popular or influential mommy blogs out there in the blogosphere use very blunt language.

  • gwill, and I like to think that the "g" stands for "good," I am a mommy blogger and some would say I hold a certain level of influence amongst my readers. I swear a teensy bit, admittedly not much, as my Dad reads my posts and he, like you, does not admire cursing in a woman. Are you, by any chance, a 79 year old man with old school values?

    The rule that I tend to follow is that swearing for swearing's sake is boring and holds no value. Swearing as punctuation, when it it used as commonly as a period or comma, also holds no value for me.

    When I write about cancer I swear, because cancer is a fucking bastard. And I type out the actual word. FUCKING. None of this f&%$ing silliness.

    My father-in-law doesn't like me to use the "bastard" word, for fear I will offend a child lacking a father. Pffft. I'm not so worried about that large percentage of children in America today and what they might think of me using that outdated yet still packing a punch word. I kind of like it for my purposes.

    I will hand it to you. You state your concern and then state why you are concerned. Mind if I share this amongst my peers and see how they respond? Yours truly. MTM.

  • In reply to Mary Tyler Mom:

    I agree with MTM - you actually both make great arguments and I completely respect your opinions. I only use cursing sparingly and for effectiveness - too much and it shows lack of wit and creativity. However in the case of cancer - completely appropriate on all fronts!

  • In reply to Mary Tyler Mom:

    It'll be an honor to share on MTM blog

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    In reply to gwill:

    Here's a funny story... when my 23 yr-old son was 12, he wanted to buy music from various artists. I said no, I didn't want him to be listening to all the music that is anti-person. One artist he wanted to listen to, he argued that that person didn't just 'cuss to cuss', his words were important. I listened to the artist and agreed.
    There are so many people who are 'artists' that want to get a reaction, but then again, there are other ARTISTS like MTM who have important words/message that might need a curse word every now and again.

  • I remember when mommy washed the child's mouth out with soap for using words the child did not know had a secondary meaning. I guess things have reversed themselves.

    I still figure that I can make a point in comments by using the Nixon era "expletive deleted."

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    In reply to jack:

    Fuck all mommy blogs and fuck Nixon.

  • Everything is about intention. These mommy bloggers are intelligent thinkers that want to be 'real' with the world, their husbands, and kids. When I write, swearing expresses my frustrations and symbolizes that "I'm not going to hold back with how I feel here" (regardless of what society, my husband, other moms, men --or even my kids-- may expect). With this intention behind "swearing", I think it can be a very positive way of communicating that encourages a more open and honest dialogue. As a daughter of very conservative parents, I longed for more openness in our relationship. If we had the internet back then, and my mom chose to express herself through swearing her honest heart out, I would have thought she was the most awesome mom in the world. Keep up the great work mommy bloggers! The world needs more of your honestly, however you choose to express it.

  • Maybe it's to fight the lame connotation of "mommy blogger" - a term I personally detest. I wrote a review of a play I saw recently and was dismissed by a commenter because they googled me and saw another site had given me the title of "mommy blogger". I guess all we're good for is navel gazing and crying about diapers. EYEROLL.

    See? We get enraged. Women are people. Just because we blog and sometime blog about issues relating to parenting, we're not gentle little bunnies. Is every guy who blogs about his life a "daddy blogger"? Grrr. I feel a swear word coming on. I better stop.

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    In reply to Jenna Karvunidis:

    No, guys who blog about their lives are called gay. As in: "The gay man types away about his life under the delusion that anyone gives a fuck".

  • In reply to Deke Rivers:

    So what do you call a troll commenter who calls people things like, "uppity negro"? Oh. Deke Rivers.


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    In reply to Jenna Karvunidis:

    I do know what to call one who keeps records on everyone's comments on Chicago Now...a pathetic loser with way too much time on her hands.

  • In reply to Jenna Karvunidis:

    Jenna! It's been a long time, sincerely hope all is well with you and the family. I may have to create a facebook "profile" just to comment on your blog and others.

    (oh, and per usual, I disagree with everything you say, I want my women to be forever gentle little bunnies...I plan on divorcing and remarrying at least 7 times).

  • In reply to gwill:

    That's cool. The other side of my brain disagrees with me too and thinks the Internet is a cess pool of low hanging fruit. Just call me Cybil!

  • Never say never, but I don't swear in my writing.

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    In reply to Yoga Mom:

    The word "yoga" means penis breath in Laotian.

  • The mommy blogs like you said are written for the other mommies to read and have faux sisterhood group hug. You know, I am women hear me roar (swear-fart-whatever) slosh, and I love you sister (but really don't), and I really am A misunderstood, B abused or C angry or D all of the above.

    It must show the demographic of Chicagnow, though, that there are so many of them. Not a day goes by without a featured Mommy Blog.
    If kvetching makes them happy and gets Chicagonow reader ship I say, corporately "win-win".

    Sorry I didn't see this anti-mom blog sooner, as I'm sure my horrible comments would piss of the Mommy brigade.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Brilliant. Totally agree. If I read one more blog catering to "mommies" demanding to be taken seriously by the "rest of the world," I'm going to barf.

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