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Chicagoland Graduates Make Good -- the Public Good

I love looking across our institutions to see who our graduates are and what they are doing. The focus on social justice across the institutions of Chicago(land) is also something of which we ought all be proud. Here are a few ways to make yourself smile as you read this — As many of you... Read more »

Gorey -- Really Really Gorey

Ok, I associate Edward Gorey with PBS and its show, Mystery. I do not, not, not, associate Edward Gorey with Chicago. And, I am, of course, wrong. Why? Edward Gorey is a Chicagoan by birth. and studied briefly at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This makes me see him in a whole... Read more »

Who Went Where -- Again!!

I still find the ways that we all “market” ourselves by identifying “famous” graduates — a tad, well, off putting. On the other hand, I have fun thinking about this — and love meeting Shimerians who are amazing. In fact, I have yet to meet a Shimerian who is not amazing. That is one reason... Read more »

(In)Famous Alumni from Chicago(land): Who Went Where for October

There are, of course, famous criminals who went to Chicago(land) colleges. Leopold and Loeb are forever associated with the University of Chicago. While further afield, Knox College was the alma mater for Robert Hanssen, an FBI agent who was convicted of selling secrets to the Russians. Rod Blagojevich graduated from Northwestern (after some university education... Read more »

Who Went Where > > > Again!

Yes, I love this tiny bit of Chicago is Our Campus that focuses on all of our tendencies to focus on the (relatively) famous graduates that graced every institution in the US (and likely on the planet) at one time or another. So, let us visit a few more today. In some of these cases,... Read more »

More on Who Went Where!!

Where do you think the following folks went to college — or university? And, equally importantly, who are they and why do we care? 1. Jerry Butler (inductee of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and there is more to why we care out there as he is also politically active in . . .... Read more »

Chicago Alums OR Paretsky + Neibuhr?

So, who went where in this history of higher education in Chicago? And in Chicago Land? And why do we care? Well, colleges and universities care for several reasons. First: they help to establish a name or a brand for the college. They accomplish it by identifying the college or university with particular sorts of... Read more »