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Are Banana Slugs from Chicago?

Here is a list of mascots in Chicagoland — since we love sports so much!  Try to identify the relevant school — and see if you can find the ringer (viz., the one not from a Chicagoland entity)! You can find out the “right” answer by clicking on the link. And yes, I can count.... Read more »

Buzz Words and Beyond

Buzz words — not words about bees (though there is plenty of noise about bees these days in higher education and beyond) — but words and phrases that get reiterated often enough that when one hears them one of two things happens: a kind of droning, buzzing sound occurs such that the word  disappears and... Read more »

Top Ten List of . . . Top Ten Lists in HIgher Education

There is an enormous amount of controversy about rankings of colleges and universities, Everyone wants to be ranked — and ranked well. And yet, we all know that the ranking systems are problematic. They can be gamed. They can be wrong. They can be misused. Having said that,  I am not writing about the US... Read more »