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Diversity in the Presidency: LGBTQ

Higher education leadership is in the news a lot lately, including for pay schedules, for commencement remarks, and for much more. The road to such leadership can be a complex one, inflected both by one’s ideals, one’s educational background and one’s identity characteristics. Women, for example, continue to be underrepresented in presidencies and chancellorships, enough... Read more »

Indiana Wants Me (or Not)

Recently, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana signed a controversial law (the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act) into effect. Unlike any other such laws in states or at the federal level, the new Indiana law quite directly and specifically allows discrimination against LGBTQ persons (and possibly others, such as unwed mothers, or. . . ) on... Read more »

LGBT Issues From Virginia: They Matter to Illinois (and to us all)

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. (Spoiler alert: not so much.) But, there is a startlingly wonderful voice from within higher education that spoke recently in the Washington Post about why colleges and universities ought to care about the matter of same sex marriage — and especially why Virginians ought to. In speaking to... Read more »

On Climate Change, Guns, Violence, Immigration and LGBT Rights -- Oh My!

One of the major questions about higher education these days is: where are the presidents of yore who had what some call a “bully pulpit.” That is, where is the leadership voice of presidents among the general public. Or, are presidents to be neutral, put their heads down, and just “do their job” — which... Read more »

SCOTUS and Higher Education

In recent weeks, we have seen several decisions by the US Supreme Court (aka SCOTUS) that affect higher education. And, not all of them are obvious. Every time the Supreme Court acts it impacts our lives, whether we know it or not, for it determines, in some ways, the law of the land. And, we... Read more »

Women at the University of Chicago

There seems to be a delightful trend these days of creating archives that are a combination of celebratory history and archiving of higher education. Outside our region, for example, Oberlin has a terrific site that does oral history and LGBT issues.  And, locally, the University of Chicago has a delightful site on women across its... Read more »

Asking THE Question: Elmhurst Leads the Nation

There are choices that we all make. I recently participated in an on line discussion about whether the American Council on Education should or should not include a question about sexual orientation (or whatever we call it these days) on their questionnaire sent to presidents. The consensus was: yes. Why? Because folks are proud. And,... Read more »

LGBTQ Chicago Presidents

There was a sentence in the Windy City Times when I was named president at Shimer that included the phrase:  “joins an elite group of.” (Here’s the article.) This was startling to me. I knew about the group — but who knew it was elite? Yes, I already knew there was an active LGBTQ group... Read more »