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Voices of Hispanic HIgher Education in Chicago(land) and Illinois

To think further about Hispanic Heritage month, is to think about the presence (and absence) of Hispanic leaders in higher education. Among the college and university presidents in our region, here are a few: 1. Patricia Granados is president of Triton College, one of the 6 HSI (Hispanic Serving Institutions) in Illinois. As reported in... Read more »

Hispanic Heritage Month Matters

The period between September 15 and October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. The month celebrates a whole range of cultures – connected, in some sense, by the linguistic (yes, Spanish) and perhaps by additional features. Of course, like other labels the notion of Hispanic both covers over enormous diversity and groups people into a category.... Read more »

On Climate Change, Guns, Violence, Immigration and LGBT Rights -- Oh My!

One of the major questions about higher education these days is: where are the presidents of yore who had what some call a “bully pulpit.” That is, where is the leadership voice of presidents among the general public. Or, are presidents to be neutral, put their heads down, and just “do their job” — which... Read more »

Women at the University of Chicago

There seems to be a delightful trend these days of creating archives that are a combination of celebratory history and archiving of higher education. Outside our region, for example, Oberlin has a terrific site that does oral history and LGBT issues.  And, locally, the University of Chicago has a delightful site on women across its... Read more »

Presidents of Color in Chicago(land)

Who leads continues to matter. Right? So, in some ways, it remains a matter of identity politics who is a president or chancellor in Chicago and beyond. Right? I have raised the issue of women leaders in a prior essay and of LGBTQ leaders in another. (Ironically, the second got more attention than the first.... Read more »