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Write Your Legislator if You Care about Higher Education

For those of us who live in Illinois, we are in pain every time we think about politics. There are long historical reasons for this — and contemporary realities as well, both in Chicago and at the state level. This year, like Pennsylvania, we are a state that is more than half way into a... Read more »

Obama, Scorecards and Free Speech

President Obama has intervened in higher education in several ways recently, each of which merits some attention from Chicago-landers. First: recently the President announced the advent of something called the College Score Card, available here, which ostensibly helps those choosing college to do so. Opinions vary — but the emphasis is on cost, salary impact... Read more »

Around Chicago and Beyond

Once in a while, it is just good to lift your head and . . . look around. So, below I offer a few tidbits that connect with the themes of ¬†Chicago is Our Campus, which I write as president of Shimer College. First, everywhere you look when it comes to higher education right now,... Read more »

Higher Education News

For those of you who do not regularly check this site, where Illinois Higher Education News appears, her are a few tidbits to whet your appetite: On the sheer gossip front, Malia Obama is starting the college search project. And it is, indeed, a project, perhaps even more so when a high profile candidate for... Read more »

Admissions Requirements

Colleges across the country require a range of different kinds of things in their applications. Once upon a time, it was news when schools went “test optional,” which has been true for Shimer College for some time. Our application requires two essays (which can be composed for other purposes — an essay you wrote for... Read more »

Ice Skating, P16, and Check Please!

Once in a while it is worth taking just a wander — down the hall, to “manage by walking around” or to just get one’s body out of the chair — or along the routes of the internet. The latter is relevant here, as I point to a few recent blogs in higher education that... Read more »

Huffington Post and Higher Education

As readers may know, I also on occasion blog at the Huffington Post. So do a variety of folks from across higher education, in the effort to elevate the discussion of our “Sector.’ Or, in the effort to be public intellectuals. Perhaps even, presidents do it to keep their hand in in the realm of... Read more »

More than Debt, Sexual Assault and Accountability

Those of us choosing colleges or working in higher education — or the just plain curious and/or addicted to news — know that higher education has been in the news a lot lately. The president (yes, Obama) has been taking very clear and vocal stands on matters as diverse as student debt and campus sexual... Read more »

Still Choosing? Transfers, Late Admits, and More

As we approach May, likely many people across Chicago(land) are tensely awaiting admissions letters from their colleges of choice. Some, though, are just starting to think about what college might be good to approach for the fall. Some of these are high school juniors, just entering the fray. Others are sophomores, as colleges and universities... Read more »

Spring Is Coming? Yes it is!

Technically, Spring is already here. Yes it is. And yet, sometimes I have my doubts. How do we know it is here? Well, beyond the metereological, we know within higher education as deadlines have come and gone for college applications, for MAP dollars from the State of Illinois, and as the May 1 date approaches... Read more »
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    Shimerprez is the 14th president of Shimer College at 35th and State. She also blogs at the Huffington Post and at a Shimer Blog called Evocations which can be found on line at She is a University of Chicago Ph.D. who works on religion, the social sciences, gender and sexuality. She reads murder mysteries, is fascinated by the world of food, and also loves the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

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