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Coming Soon to Chicago is Our Campus

Watch here for the following topics — all associated with higher education in Chicago(land) and beyond. 1. The Trayvon Martin decision — How is that related to colleges and universities? What is our role in relation to such events? 2.  A new film: Monsters University — Is it about higher eductaion only because. . .... Read more »

CHICAGO IS . . . .

. . . . These few sentences are the start of an important point. For Shimer, the school I lead, the phrases we use are important because we have moved — from Mount Carroll to Waukegan and most recently, to the Windy City. Our educational possibilities are significantly enhanced for our students by our location... Read more »

Philanthropy Matters: Give Now

So, recently the Sun Times published an article entitled “The Worthiest of Causes — A Good Education.”  Of course, I agree with this feel good headline. Likely, we all do — at least those of us raised to believe that education was a route not only to an improved individual life, but to a better... Read more »

Is Violence Affecting Chicago's Higher Education Community?

Of course it is. It is affecting all of us. Every day, some Chicagoans — or visitors — face violence. In the home, on the street, and elsewhere. We are a violent city in violent times. And we are getting the press for it. Crime in Chicago documents much of it, as do our daily... Read more »