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Around Chicago and Beyond

Once in a while, it is just good to lift your head and . . . look around. So, below I offer a few tidbits that connect with the themes of  Chicago is Our Campus, which I write as president of Shimer College. First, everywhere you look when it comes to higher education right now,... Read more »

Graduation Speakers Coming in 2014

As recently noted, Spring is here. And we know that not only because of the Shamrock Shuffle’s opening of the spring running season. We know this because all over Chicago-land colleges and universities are announcing commencement speakers. Here are a few, just in case you want to change form wedding crasher to commencement crasher and... Read more »

National Student Athletes Day

April 4 is. . . National Student Athletes Day. In many ways, the day reminds us to acknowledge that the notion of student athlete is not an oxymoron. It is — when truly practiced at the levels of individuals, teams, institutions, and nations — a way to challenge oppositions of brains and brawn, of mind... Read more »

Where Were You When JFK Died?

Here is another in a series of anniversary reflections associated with November, 2013. When did JFK die? Well, he was shot on November 22, 1963. Fifty years ago. For those of my generation (and older), we know where we were when we learned  — with the same vividness many of us remember where we were... Read more »

Gettysburg Matters

As we approach the season of anniversaries — and there are many — I will be writing a frew entries focused on important ones — and their relevance to higher education. This is installment one. The Gettysburg Address is a mere 272 words. even so, it was not easy to memorize as a child. But,... Read more »

Is Transferring a Good Idea?

The 21st century is a time when many many people who complete college do so with credits that come from multiple colleges or universities. That is, they stop and start or. . . they transfer. They decide on a different major and transfer. They transfer because they want to be closer to home or. .... Read more »

Graduation Speakers in Chicago(land)

Spring is the time for a whole lot more than the start of baseball. It is, traditionally, the time of the most elaborate forms of higher eductaion rituals — those known as commencement or graduation. And, all of these involve speechifying. Across the US, men and women have been chosen to give such speeches —... Read more »

Marge Piercy in Chicago This Week

Marge Piercy is coming to Chicago on April 16, 17, 18. And this is a big deal. Join us in welcoming her! Of course, she has been here before — many times. And, the Windy City has had an important role in her life, as noted on her website, where she writes: “After that marriage,... Read more »

Do Presidents Play April Fool's Jokes?

Well, not all of the examples given here are presidential — but they all involve presidents and colleges. Well, no they do not. 1. Here’s one that involves Occidental College, but it attends to a Chicago-an who is quite well known. Can you guess? and yes, it IS a hoax. And as you will see,... Read more »
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    Shimerprez is the 14th president of Shimer College at 35th and State. She also blogs at the Huffington Post and at a Shimer Blog called Evocations which can be found on line at She is a University of Chicago Ph.D. who works on religion, the social sciences, gender and sexuality. She reads murder mysteries, is fascinated by the world of food, and also loves the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

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