Category: Bully Pulpit?

Sex Matters

Across the United States, there are paradoxes around rights and responsibilities. Yes, “gay marriage” is legal in some places. Yes, there continue to be hate crimes. Yes, women now lead Ivy League universities. Yes, there remains misogyny in the work place. Yes, we have an African American president. His name is not Trayvon Martin.  ... Read more »

Liberal Education in What Places?

Sunday’s New York Times included a piece by Jim Sleeper entitled “Liberal Education in Authoritarian Places,” which examined the implications of the recent spate of exporting of liberal education institutions to places like, well, Shanghai. Concerns around academic freedom, censorship and much else swirl around such enterprises (using the term in a variety of senses)... Read more »

LGBT Issues From Virginia: They Matter to Illinois (and to us all)

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. (Spoiler alert: not so much.) But, there is a startlingly wonderful voice from within higher education that spoke recently in the Washington Post about why colleges and universities ought to care about the matter of same sex marriage — and especially why Virginians ought to. In speaking to... Read more »

On Climate Change, Guns, Violence, Immigration and LGBT Rights -- Oh My!

One of the major questions about higher education these days is: where are the presidents of yore who had what some call a “bully pulpit.” That is, where is the leadership voice of presidents among the general public. Or, are presidents to be neutral, put their heads down, and just “do their job” — which... Read more »

CHICAGO IS . . . .

. . . . These few sentences are the start of an important point. For Shimer, the school I lead, the phrases we use are important because we have moved — from Mount Carroll to Waukegan and most recently, to the Windy City. Our educational possibilities are significantly enhanced for our students by our location... Read more »