Are Banana Slugs from Chicago?

Here is a list of mascots in Chicagoland — since we love sports so much!  Try to identify the relevant school — and see if you can find the ringer (viz., the one not from a Chicagoland entity)! You can find out the “right” answer by clicking on the link. And yes, I can count. No, there are not 10 here. Add your own in the comments please??!?!?

Boomer the Bear

Flaming Smelts


DIBS (Demon in a Blue Suit) 

Blue Jays (no, not Toronto)

LU Wolf 

Banana Slugs

Talon the Hawk

Why this topic on this blog? Well, we all agree that mind and body go together for a good education. Perhaps that is why? Or, perhaps it is all about branding? Is that why? Or, might it just, perhaps just, be the case that a tiny bot of fun is crucial to getting through the day? I go with that. And, I know what my mascot is.

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