Ice Skating, P16, and Check Please!

Once in a while it is worth taking just a wander — down the hall, to “manage by walking around” or to just get one’s body out of the chair — or along the routes of the internet. The latter is relevant here, as I point to a few recent blogs in higher education that might be of interest. Today, I am picking them because they are unexpected insights into . . .

Ice Skating? What does ice skating have to to with higher education? I am not sending you along to some piece that focuses on the ways one can get scholarships for sports, including (most likely) ice skating, but to a piece by a faculty member at Shimer College that connects ice skating to an important figure in history, Euclid, and thus to the “great books.” Too many of us, when we think of “great books” think we are only speaking about the humanities. Of course, there is much more to great books that novels and philosophy and other humanistic wonders. Think Darwin, and many many others — including Euclid. Think ice skating (even though the weather perhaps is making that a tad difficult.) Here’s the blog entry! In addition to pointing to the importance of Euclid (and ice skating), you will meet a very interdisciplinary faculty member.

High School Matters. And so does much more.  When you think “higher education” you likely think about colleges and universities, associates degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and more. But, as many pundits have been arguing for what seems like a life time or more, what happens in higher education is directly shaped by what happens before. So, a close relationships between the higher education sector and other educational sectors is a must. Hence, we often talk about K12 education (kindergarten to 12th grade), but others talk of P16 education — from pre-school to college graduation. Some time ago I met folks involved with Catalyst as an independent reporting organization focused on education in the Chicagoland region. If you want to know what is happening in the region and the sector — making higher education more or less possible for many people, check out this site.  And, while you do so, just ask yourself this: why call it catalyst? Once you get that, you know why this is related to higher education.

Once in a while it is worth getting to know your neighbors, so for all of us who are not Kendall College, checking out their blog is worth a moment or more. Among othe ratings, you will learn that a Kendall College graduate is now host of Check Please!  Here’s the site. (Yes, I am a fan of the show.)

So: there are many ways to get to know higher education — and one is by wandering. Let us know what you find on your wandering through the blogosphere.


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  • Euclid on skates. You gotta love the image.

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