Chicagoland Graduates Make Good -- the Public Good

I love looking across our institutions to see who our graduates are and what they are doing. The focus on social justice across the institutions of Chicago(land) is also something of which we ought all be proud. Here are a few ways to make yourself smile as you read this —

As many of you will know, Loyola University Chicago has a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Studies that focuses on social justice. In April, their alumnus, James Mastaler, was featured on the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies “Profiles in Stewardship Blog” (as noted on the LUC website).  In this case, science (aka STEM) and social justice meet. And religion is there too. For many in American culture, somehow this is an odd concatenation. Make up your own mind — Here’s the link!

Leading social change is also a theme at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. And, once again, the link of psychology to social justice may surprise some. YEs, it can be used as a form of social control or conformity. Not always. Here’s Adler’s blog where you can see some ongoing work. (Oh, did I say this was about alums? Well, these are future alums, right?)

But, you say, all this is about specialized graduate work. Where are our liberally educated young men and women and non-binary gender identified graduates when it comes to all this?

A Shimerian is interning at the ACLU, for example. (A blog entry offers you some insight into the early part of that internship.) And, alums of Shimer College are writing about social issues in places like Salon. Students at other liberal arts colleges are also engaging current students in working toward the public good (though we may all vary in what types of internships we think this means as well as to what types of social movements such a phrase links). And, our alumni and alumnae are out there.

Let me know who else and what they are doing?








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