Graduation Speakers Coming in 2014

As recently noted, Spring is here. And we know that not only because of the Shamrock Shuffle’s opening of the spring running season. We know this because all over Chicago-land colleges and universities are announcing commencement speakers. Here are a few, just in case you want to change form wedding crasher to commencement crasher and hear some interesting voices.

Elmhurst College recognized Carol Geary Schneider at its spring commencement  in 2013. Who is she? A key leader of higher education — who teaches us all to value liberal education — at the AACU. For additional information form 2013, click here. To find 2014, wander fruitlessly around the web.

Loyola University of Chicago will have, as its speaker associated with the School of Communication, Claire Díaz-Ortiz, Manager, Social Innovation, Twitter Inc. Yes, that twitter. Go for it. (For the rest of their speakers cross the University, click here.)

The School of the Art Institute connects local (South Side) to global with internationally recognized Theaster Gates. For details, click here.

Shimer College will share the voice of Jack Cella, recently retired head of the Seminary Co-op Bookstore, Why? As a great books college, we know a great bookstore when we see it — and a great leader in the world of ideas as well.

Who will grace your campus?


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    I know that many college and university students are dreaming of giving a final speech. But looks like I am simply not one of them. I When I imagine myself ion the stage, I get nervous right away. I really do not need that much stress in my life. My thesis writing gives me a lot of hardships.

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