Gorey -- Really Really Gorey

Ok, I associate Edward Gorey with PBS and its show, Mystery. I do not, not, not, associate Edward Gorey with Chicago. And, I am, of course, wrong. Why?

Edward Gorey is a Chicagoan by birth. and studied briefly at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This makes me see him in a whole new light. Frankly, it makes me see Chicago winters in a whole new light.

His visuals are all aslant, if you get my drift. Whether we mean the opening sequence to Mystery! on PBS or the many cards and books and even jig saw puzzles, each visual makes us see something new. (Did you know he published more than 100 books in his lifetime?)

Yes, Gorey is at risk of being turned into a cliche — somewhat like Monet as cliche, we do have Gorey as cliche and as, well, market. He is, in some very real way, everywhere. Or, at least some of his work is — endlessly reproduced.

What if we asked: if Edward Gorey were drawing — or, more accurately perhaps, etching — higher education, what would it look like? What would his imagination force us to see anew?

Now there is a question for a cold winter day.

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