Who Went Where -- Again!!

I still find the ways that we all “market” ourselves by identifying “famous” graduates — a tad, well, off putting. On the other hand, I have fun thinking about this — and love meeting Shimerians who are amazing. In fact, I have yet to meet a Shimerian who is not amazing. That is one reason I find this “famous alums” tendency a bit off putting. Are we only proud of those whose names are recognizable or whose connections enrich our own “brand.”

Even so, the game is fun. So, here are a few more to tickle your brain cells as you think about higher education in Chicago(land):

Walter Brueggemann went to ________________.

Richard Widmark went to __________________.

Elliot Ness went to _______________________.

Jake La Botz went to _____________________.

Trick question: where did Kevin Bacon go to college? (Yes, a liberal education kind of place. No, not in Illinois. Yes, only for five weeks one summer.)

Answers: A. Elmhurst; B. Lake Forest; C. University of Chicago; and D. Shimer College. And do you know who these guys were? Are?

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