(In)Famous Alumni from Chicago(land): Who Went Where for October

There are, of course, famous criminals who went to Chicago(land) colleges. Leopold and Loeb are forever associated with the University of Chicago. While further afield, Knox College was the alma mater for Robert Hanssen, an FBI agent who was convicted of selling secrets to the Russians. Rod Blagojevich graduated from Northwestern (after some university education elsewhere). So, there are infamous names associated with various Illinois and Chicago(land) colleges and universities. And, these are not usually the names that institutional websites honor. Rather, institutions honor quirky graduates or those that exemplify institutional values or are well known and thus bring attention to the college or university. Here are a few of the latter. See if you can link then to the correct institution.

1. Jim Belushi

2.Cloris Leachman

3. Sandra Cisneros

4. Edwin Hubble


1. Jim Belushi graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. No, not in Chicago(land) really, but who can leave the Belushi brothers out of such a list?

2. Have no idea who this is? Shame on you (or, you are giving away your age). Leachman was a mainstay of the iconic Mary Tyler Moore Show and graduated from Northwestern.

3. Sandra Cisneros graduated from Loyola in Chicago. She is most qwell known for her novel The House on Mango Street.

4. Yes, he is the telescope guy. Yes, that may make it obvious that he graduated from the University of Chicago.


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