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Yes, I love this tiny bit of Chicago is Our Campus that focuses on all of our tendencies to focus on the (relatively) famous graduates that graced every institution in the US (and likely on the planet) at one time or another. So, let us visit a few more today.

In some of these cases, of course, you will have to look up the people — or you will not know why anyone, including Shimerprez, cares. But trust me each of these, in a different way is entertaining or more. . . . .

Can you match the institutions with their graduates?

Here are the institutions:

1. Illinois Institute of Technology

2. School of the Art Institute

3. Moody Bible Institute

4. Shimer College

5. Lake Forest College

A. Mary McLeod Bethune (yes, she is a very important historical figure).

B. Mitzi Hoag (yes, she is a television and related areas figure; think Knots Landing, for example)

C. Gloria Ray Kalmark (one of the Little Rock Nine)

D. Hugh Hefner (ok, he only took courses, but still)

E. Bree Van de Camp (a fictional character in that seriously serious television show, Desperate Housewives)

Answers: 1C, 2D, 3A,  4B, 5E

And no, there is absolutely no theme here. Just fun facts.

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