LeBron: Rose, Bulls 'one player away'

Due to the lack of support during the postseason, Derrick Rose had to carry much of the load for the Bulls. It’s clear the Bulls will need to look to get Rose some help this offseason. And Miami Heat forward LeBron James, who averaged 26 points, eight rebounds and seven assists against the Bulls in the Eastern Conference finals, agrees. In fact, he thinks they’re one piece away.

Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune writes: “Before getting caught up in celebrating his team’s series-clinching victory over the Bulls on Thursday night, Heat star LeBron James embraced Reggie Rose, Derrick’s older brother, and whispered a few words in Reggie’s ear.”

What did LeBron say?

Said Reggie Rose: “He said, ‘Tell young fella he’s a hell of a player and that he’s one
player away from a title.'”
McClure goes onto write: “As much as he tried to carry the team on his shoulders throughout the entire season, it was too much for Derrick Rose in the end.”

It was like bringing knives to a gun fight, if you’re Derrick Rose. He has Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer as the second and third scoring options. LeBron has Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

LeBron knows where Derrick Rose’s coming from and what he’s had to deal with.

LeBron’s had to go through failures year after year after year. He did lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals in 2007, though they looked completely overmatched by the veteran San Antonio Spurs, who swept the Cavaliers that year.

LeBron does have a point. There’s no question the Bulls need to find Rose help. But, ironically, LeBron’s been in the opposite situation before: He’s the one receiving comments similar to what he had to offer for Rose.

In the 2010 playoffs, when the Boston Celtics eliminated LeBron’s Cavaliers in six games in the second round, Kevin Garnett played the role of LeBron to LeBron’s Rose. If that makes any sense.

Garnett: “Loyalty is something that hurts you at times, because you can’t get youth back. I can honestly say that if I could go
back and do my situation over, knowing what I know now with this
organization, I’d have done it a little sooner.”

DRose postgame, Game 5.jpg
No, this doesn’t mean Derrick Rose is leaving anytime soon. He seems very content on building a championship team in Chicago, and for good reason, because he and the Bulls will continue to improve.

But, again, we’re talking about LeBron here. He’s a fantastic player, there’s no doubt. But is he really the guy you want to be taking advice from? We’re talking about a player who hasn’t won an NBA championship seven years into his career.

Highly doubt Derrick Rose wants to be ringless seven years into his career.

Could LeBron be giving false pleasantries to Reggie and Derrick (and the Bulls)? Who knows, but LeBron’s point is right on: The Bulls are one player away. Ideally, it’s a two guard.

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