Jimmy Butler: The Face of Mediocrity

Jimmy Butler: The Face of Mediocrity

The Bulls did not get fleeced, and here is why? Jimmy Butler was only clinging on to Chicago b/c of the incentives he would get in two years when he opts out for a new contract. He knew he could only receive those incentives from the team that drafted him. So his love for Chitown was primarily a monetary one, and on a side note, D-Wade’s “24 million reasons to stay” comment shows he too is all about the paychecks now. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the Bulls cut away his cancer also, and pay him to just go away.

As for Butler, I honestly never felt he had the DNA to be the top player on a championship contender. He was drafted to be a sidekick to D-Rose, and unfortunately, D-Rose got hurt and ended his Alpha Dog status in Chicago or anywhere for that matter. The problem with Butler is he is not a leader, He is all about himself, not making those around him better. The Bulls knew in two years they would have to pay him a king’s ransom to keep him around or he would walk and go sign with some team that had deep pockets and Palm trees. By not wanting to go play with the eastern conference champion Cavs. Yes, reportedly referring to being traded to Cleveland. He told Cavs I don’t want to play there, I’m cool in Chitown.

This shows he cares less about winning and is all about money and fame. If Dominique Wilkins had a chance to go play with Jordan and Pippen, he would have packed his bags and headed north. I honestly believe that comment sealed Butler’s fate in Chicago. Later Cavs “players” came out reportedly to say they told Butler the situation in Cleveland was toxic and not to come. I feel that was just a pathetic attempt to cover up the fact that Butler showed his true colors. The Bulls knew then if they were to resign him, that they would be in a situation similar to the Knicks with Carmelo. Waiting around for him to leave or trade him away. Knowing Butler he probably would have asked for a no-trade clause, So he could both get the big dollar contract and decide where he gets traded.

As for as the trade, Lavine’s knee is a concern, but other than that they got three talented young players, a 15m trade exception. and a lot of cap space. Dunn not playing is just Thib’s way, He never plays rookies, and Lauri is more talented than any fair weather fan can tell. They gave up a guy that worried more about Jimmy Kimmel and Mark Wahlberg then he did about leading his team. The franchise would not have had time in two years to put pieces around Butler anyway, even if the guy cared a thing about winning. Now it’s Thibs turn to deal with him and hope the snowy hills of Minnesota can keep Butler more than two years.

In the end, the Bulls gave up a two-year rental for three talented pieces to their rebuild. By the time Lebron kneels to father time, The Bulls will be a young talented Eastern contender, Jimmy will be collecting his big checks elsewhere and guest hosting on The View. The T-Wolves will have Wiggins and Towns, and Thibs will get four chances a year to hug Butler when they play L.A.

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