Trade Jimmy Butler: The dream chaser.

Trade Jimmy Butler: The dream chaser.


What ever happened to that humble kid from Tomball, Texas? You know the country music loving kid whose mom threw him out  the house and was saved by the nice white family that took him in? The Jimmy Butler that Bull’s fans met on draft night 2011 has transformed into the Hollywood celebrity we all know today. An NBA megastar with an entourage of who’s who’s and appearances on all the top shows. It seems anytime a script says “Insert celebrity athlete here” Mr. Butler is more than happy to fill in the blank with his own name. It is good he had such a rough childhood to prepare him for all this. I am sure those long rainy nights living on the road strengthened him for all the red carpets and guest host appearances that were just around the corner. However, the story of his childhood as I can tell came from Jimmy himself. The mother has never come forth to tell her side, and yes I’m sure his childhood was rough. Just for the sense of debate let’s play a game of “what if “. What if Jimmy wasn’t kicked out? What if he ran away from home? What if he saw how his friend was living a better life and thought “I want that too”. Maybe Mr. Butler not his celebrity girlfriend is the pretty little liar.


He has done better than just keep up with the Jones’. Butler has created the life he must have dreamed up as a child. Despite not winning any major championships or even playing in any for that matter. Butler’s brand has done quite well. However, where does that leave his team. It has been reported that former teammates are not the biggest of fans of his super-star ego. His coach was told by him to do a better job. Maybe your team’s dysfunction starts with the fact you have all this time for building your image and celebrity status and yet your team could miss the playoffs in two seasons in a row.

Shay Mitchell goes on a date with Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills

After being knocked out early from the playoffs by the Orlando, former Bull Michael Jordan constructed his own workout facility called the Jordan dome. That following summer he worked tirelessly and invited any NBA player to come play pick-up games. He was about one thing and one thing only, Becoming the best at his craft. Jordan didn’t spend time chasing down his celebrity crushes, or finding out what movies he could make a cameo. His ideal world was one that had him spraying champagne on his teammates, not sipping it in the candlelight. He was in celebrity circles, but did so after establishing himself as the greatest basketball player to lace them up. That’s how it’s done. First, you prove your game is worth the price of admission, then you become a star. So maybe Butler is all about chasing down the image of himself he dreamed about as a boy in Texas. As he spent those restless nights staring at the ceiling in your friend’s home. We see he thought up a storyline worth a Hollywood script.


I have been a fan of this team since long before Butler was even born. I have lived through the Jordan years, saw Ron Artest become Metta World Peace, numerous coaches, numerous players. So life moves on, Sometimes fans get what they wish for, and sometimes they don’t. I have seen players put on the jersey that exemplify what Chicago is all about, The humble blue collar work ethic that created the first skyscrapers, that made the city of broad shoulders. So now my wish is that the front office answers the phone and sends you and your giant ego packing. Although, The front office seems to worry more about selling tickets and not about rebuilding a team that once owned a decade of NBA basketball. They are content with the circus it has become as long as the people keep laughing at the clown at center of all of it. It does not take a genius to see where Jimmy’s fable is headed. The verses he has yet to strum out on his guitar. The chapter where he takes Chicago hostage in two years and then signs for an enormous contract somewhere the sun is hot and the beaches stay open all year around. Where celebrities are everywhere to chase, and stars line the streets. You are a dream chaser, not a ring chaser.

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