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Bulls trade Korver for second rounder and...

The Bulls have reportedly traded Kyle Korver for a second round pick to the Atlanta Hawks via Minnesota. Several questions still seem unresolved at the moment, but however they're resolved, this seems like a good move for the Bulls in terms of retaining flexibility...

Prospect of the Day - Wayne Ellington

Wayne Ellington, Junior, North Carolina, NBA Position: SG, H: 6’5, W: 190, Age: 21  Let’s start with what Ellington can do well, which is shoot.    Ellington’s a great shooter when open.  He’s good off a catch and shoot, and he projects into an NBA caliber shooter.    He also shoots well off screens and when pulling... Read more »

Bulls Beat #119

For those of you who haven’t seen my podcast hosted on Bulls Podcasters check it out: Bulls Beat #119 – Wings n’ Things I discuss wing prospects for the Bulls going over Terrance Williams, Gerald Henderson, Chase Budinger, Marcus Thornton, and Wayne Ellington.