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Bulls looking to be active on draft day

Take it with a grain of salt, but speaking to one of my Bulls sources, I’ve heard the team is unlikely to exit this Thursday’s draft with whomever is drafted at 28 and 30.   They’re investigating multiple trade scenarios (trading up, trading for Courtney Lee, or taking on salary for a higher quality player... Read more »

Latest Bulls trade rumors: O.J. Mayo and Courtney Lee

Per yahoo sports: The Chicago Bulls are still pursuing shooting guard Courtney Lee, offering a first-round draft pick to the Houston Rockets, sources said. Chicago could make the offer more intriguing with the addition of the Miami Heat’s 2011 first-round pick that the Bulls acquired from Toronto for forward James Johnson on Tuesday. For now,... Read more »

Bulls leading candidate to land Hamilton and other trade rumors

Quick side note, those looking for the normal Sunday edition of the Bulls Beat, I’m putting it off until Tuesday when K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune will be a guest on the show.   We’re not going to record until the late evening, so it will probably not be out until 11pm or so Tuesday... Read more »

Bulls still interested in J.R. Smith, psyche, not really, or are they?

Per Wojo: The Chicago Bulls are still making calls on J.R. Smith to solve their shooting guard issues, but red flags on Smith’s character have made the Bulls cautious. “They just don’t want to mess that locker room up,” one source with knowledge of the talks said. “The Bulls have too good of a [locker]... Read more »

Fire up your three way trade talks, Bulls can move Deng for expirings

So the Denver Nuggets don’t want Luol Deng.  They don’t want the long term salary commitment.  However, according to Sam Smith, the Bulls can move Deng for expirings to the Warriors. Here’s why it’s so tough to make a deal. There were reports this weekend in a Bay Area newspaper the Warriors would like to... Read more »

Latest Bulls trade rumors

Per Rumorpress.net The Bulls and Bobcats have discussed an 8 player deal that would send Stephen Jackson to the Bulls and James Johnson and Taj Gibson as the key players heading to Charlotte. The Bulls want to keep Taj, but seem willing to pull the trigger if they can’t get OJ Mayo or JR Smith... Read more »

Bulls active in trade talks

Per Chris Mannix (SI): Team execs say two teams are most active right now: Orlando (looking for size) and Chicago (scoring guard). Well, unsurprisingly, the Bulls are aware of the same problem fans have been griping about all season long.   However, I don’t expect a considerable upgrade to come through.   The primary problem is simply... Read more »

Bulls in discussions for J.R. Smith?

Per ESPN New York: A league source told ESPN.com that Denver also is in discussions with Chicago regarding a J.R. Smith trade J.R. Smith fits interestingly with the Bulls.  On the one hand, he provides the shooting, athleticism, and size to make an ideal shooting guard next to Derrick Rose.  On the other hand, those... Read more »

Does Melo only want New York?

The nail in the coffin for any small hopes of acquiring Anthony.  According to a source (via ESPN), his wish list is down to one team.   The New York Knicks: And while other franchises might be able to make better offers, Anthony will not agree to sign anywhere long-term unless he is dealt to... Read more »

How interested in Carmelo Anthony are you right now?

Carmelo Anthony still wants to be traded.   The Bulls still seem like one of the three destinations in the mix, and one of two destination that we know he’d accept a trade to.  Does the way Luol Deng has played this preseason change your views on whether the Bulls should trade him as well as... Read more »