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Were you rooting for Miami or LA last night?

It’s odd, emotionally, I can’t root for the Heat.   Can’t do it.   Even though I think it’s irrational, and I think the hate on Miami is still overblown.   I just can’t root for them. Logically, I think I’m glad the Heat won.   You see, the Bulls are fighting a battle for homecourt... Read more »

Chicago Bulls pull into the two seed

With the Bulls win over Orlando, and the Heat loss to the Spurs, the Chicago Bulls have pulled into the #2 seed spot.   Technically the teams are tied, but Chicago both owns the tie breaker and is winning in the loss column.    With great teams, the loss column is a better indicator of place than... Read more »

Playoff seeding looking better for Bulls

The Boston Celtics have now lost two games in a row, and they’ve fallen into a tie with the Miami Heat.    Even in the Heat’s darkest days when they fell to 9-8 on the year, I predicted that they’d get it together and were still the favorite to win the title. Everything since then... Read more »