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Chicago Bulls first round opponent: Knicks, Pacers, Nets, Hawks?

The Bulls aren't going to finish 2nd or third in the conference this season. Barring an epic collapse, they also won't finish seventh or eighth as they have two games and the tie breaker on a Boston team that's struggling to win games not to mention a soft schedule remaining and Milwaukee's all but eliminated from catching them. They're squarely in the 4-6 slot in the bracket which gives them four potential playoff matchups...

The Pacers are better than people think

Watching the widespread panic settle over NBA analysts and Bulls fans because the Bulls have won two close games amuses me.   The Chicago Bulls have not played their best basketball, even I am not denying that.   However, so much of the angst over these two close wins comes from the fact that the Pacers look... Read more »

Bulls tied for best record in the NBA

The Chicago Bulls accomplished several things last night.   They tied the Spurs for the best record in the NBA.   They went one step closer towards winning out on the season.   They beat the last team in the league they hadn’t yet defeated (only team to beat everyone at least once).   They also saw Joakim Noah... Read more »

Bulls wrap up 2nd best record in the NBA, #1 seed in the East

The Bulls went into Cleveland and grabbed an easy win.  Derrick Rose didn’t need to do much, and had one of his lower statistical outputs of the season.   Carlos Boozer dominated on offense, and Joakim Noah had a nice night as well.    With the win, the Bulls locked up the second best record in the... Read more »

Bulls crush Celtics, put stranglehold on #1 seed

Are the Celtics going to flip the switch in the playoffs?   I don’t think there is a switch they can flip that makes them better than the Bulls.   The Bulls are simply better than Boston.  I’ve said it since preseason, the Boston Celtics do not scare me.   They didn’t scare me then,... Read more »

Bulls get unexpected seeding help while Rose's MVP candidacy gets a boost

Last night while the Bulls and Celtics rested up and prepared for their match up tonight, they both received a little extra help in their race for seeding.   Dwyane Wade rested a bruised thigh, and Milwaukee knocked off the Miami Heat.   Carlos Delfino knocked down a couple of tough threes at the end... Read more »

Denver beats the Lakers, improving Bulls magic number vs L.A.

So the Denver Nuggets beat the L.A. Lakers which improved the Bulls magic number to six against L.A.   I watched the game, and the Nuggets displayed a largely gritty performance against the Lakers.  The Boston Celtics managed to beat the Detroit Pistons while the Miami Heat knocked off the New Jersey Nets.  The Spurs... Read more »

Bulls @ Pistons 6:30 on CSN+ plus Boston, Miami, SA, and LA play

As always, CSN+ is channel 666 or you directv users.  The Bulls go on to face the Detroit Pistons tonight, in a game which doesn’t project to be all that difficult.  The Pistons are generally undersized, have the worst front court in the league, and don’t really have an advantage at any position on the... Read more »

Cavaliers win their superbowl, down goes Miami

The Chicago Bulls cushion to win the #1 seed in the East just grew a whole lot more comfortable with a Miami loss tonight.   The Heat were going back to Cleveland in what we’d expected to be another easy Miami victory.  The Cleveland caught fire. Caught up in the emotion of the crowd, Miami choked... Read more »

Bulls tough out win over Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies hung tough.    They played outstanding defense.   They scored inside.   However, in the end, it wasn’t enough.   The Bulls defense didn’t love up to its reputation tonight, but their rebounding did.  Ultimately, the Bulls won this game through three things: They rebounded the ball (45 to 32 including 18 to 10... Read more »