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Who's crazy, Sam Smith or Doug Thonus? My money's on Smith...

In his latest blog, Sam Smith throws out Joe Johnson as his number one target this off-season. If I were the Bulls, I’d step up aggressively and offer him the maximum deal. I might not do the sign-and-trade, but allow a clause for a year extension or work out an insurance deal for a sixth... Read more »

Proof that Sam Smith says stuff just to stir the pot

Sam Smith’s Plan C:   Monta Ellis Yes, I’m back on Monta Ellis. You hear the Warriors will trade him this summer as they want to settle on Stephen Curry at shooting guard and know the two cannot play together. The Warriors have long had interest in Kirk Hinrich, who’d fit better with Curry and can... Read more »

Book Review: Second Coming by Sam Smith

Sam’s most remembered for the incredible book “the Jordan Rules”, but he wrote a second book detailing Jordan’s comeback from baseball into basketball.   After reading it, you get the feeling he really wished he had waited another year or two to write it. The book only covers the 94/95 season in which the Bulls were... Read more »

Bulls.com launching fan community and doing big Jordan stuff?

Their twitter has some info about a new Bulls community for fans forming on their website and some new Jordan thing they’ll be doing over the next few weeks.  Sam Smith wrote an article about it, and there’s an interview with Paxson. I’ve always been surprised that the Bulls didn’t have a fan community built... Read more »

Sam Smith: Bulls not interested in David Lee

On his twitter, Sam Smith debunks Lee rumrors: Got a few emails about david lee sign and trade rumor to bulls. nothing to it Well that’s shocking.   I would have never predicted that, not that I think I’m unique in doubting a throw away comment in a Mark Stein article.

Luol Deng medically cleared

According to the latest Sam Smith: Luol Deng has been cleared for basketball workouts and to begin playing in the next week or two. Reports are his stress fracture is healed, and everyone is holding their breath that it doesn’t develop again. No one can be truly sure until Deng begins to play. Chicago attorney... Read more »

Aaron Gray: "There's other interest out there"

From Sam Smith’s blog: “I’m going to do what’s best for me and the organization,” Gray said. “There’s other interest out there. I love the city of Chicago. I’m just going to play basketball and worry about getting better and whatever happens happens. Right now my responsibility is working on my basketball and my agent... Read more »

Sam Smith: Boozer deal is false, rookies look good

Sam Smith’s latest blog backs up the yahoo twitter saying there is nothing to the Boozer to the Bulls rumor.  But before I get to that, I guess I have to deal with this trade story that was making the rounds in Chicago and the NBA Thursday of a three-way deal involving the Bulls, Trailblazers... Read more »

Ben Gordon has $11 million promise from Detroit?

Sam Smith says he heard Ben Gordon has an 11 million dollar promise from Detroit already.   But I also heard that Gordon’s agent allegedly has been saying he has an $11 million promise from the Pistons. Gordon can’t negotiate with anyone until July 1st, so technically any such promise would mean tampering on the... Read more »

Sam Smith: Jerome James will try to play?

Sam Smith’s mail bag is always worth a read, but this week he had an especially interesting, yet discouraging, entry: Sam: I don’t see the Bulls taking on Okafor’s contract and thus costing themselves a chance to go for someone like Bosh in 2010. Plus, I’ve been hearing James will be able to play next... Read more »