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Bulls falling behind in the arms race, Ray Allen signs with Miami

The Chicago Bulls may or may not be thinking big. They may be biding their time, or they may be working hard behind the scenes on something big we haven't seen yet. They have limited flexibility, but if they're willing to spend they can still make things happen...

What to do about Rip Hamilton?

What to do about Rip Hamilton?
"Chicago Bulls guard Richard Hamilton has a right shoulder contusion and mild sprain of his right shoulder. Hamilton suffered the injury in the first quarter of last evening’s game versus the Indiana Pacers. His status is day-to-day.". There's your official injury report from the Chicago Bulls. Doesn't sound that bad...

Bulls vs Celtics 7pm on TNT, Rose, Garnett likely out

Bulls vs Celtics 7pm on TNT, Rose, Garnett likely out
Tonight's matchup will likely feature each team missing one of its heavy weights. Derrick Rose will likely miss the game for the Bulls while Kevin Garnett should sit for the Celtics. Obviously, the Bulls will feel the greater impact of the two...

Should the Bulls trade with the Celtics?

Could the Celtics look any more done than they have this season? Granted, a compressed schedule is toughest on an aging team, but the Boston Celtics look truly finished. This is not a team that will go anywhere in the playoffs and may even miss them. The big three era is over...

Miami easily wins the series against Boston

I am shocked…   Shocked I tell you! Okay, maybe not.  If you’ve been reading this blog, I’ve been saying since February that Boston was a paper tiger that stood no chance against Miami in the playoffs.   Everyone has rushed to bury the Heat at every juncture possible, with every minor struggle, hoping that they don’t... Read more »

Bulls at Celtics 7pm on ESPN

The Chicago Bulls head into Boston after a discouraging loss at the hands of the New York Knicks.  It’s always tough to play on a back to back, especially when your opponent is not playing on a back to back (frequently both teams are), and such is the case tonight. The Celtics are rested, at... Read more »

The backup plans

With Wade/Bosh going to Miami, and LeBron letting us know about his fate tomorrow evening, it’s time to start discussing the very real possibility of needing a plan B.  So far, it appears that no superteam is going to form out of free agency.   It’s possible that LeBron joins Bosh/Wade, but barring that, the East... Read more »

The Boston Alchemist

It’s easy to see the value of Ray Allen when he breaks a record for three pointers made in a single finals game, and ties in it the first half.  A true professional seemingly since the time he left UConn for the NBA, Jesus Shuttlesworth has earned his own place among the stars.  He is... Read more »

Bulls lose to Philly, Ray Allen and other thoughts

If Derrick Rose had hit that jumper at the end of regulation, it would have been perfectly okay to cry and remenis of the times where we had a superstar player (two, actually) on our hands. Rose is just 21 years of age and has already become the first Bulls All-Star in twelve years. But... Read more »