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Chicago Bulls deliver a welcome home win against the Heat

Chicago Bulls deliver a welcome home win against the Heat
It's no fun returning from sunny Cancun to a yard that still has no visible grass, but Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, and D.J. Augustin sure did their best to keep the festivities rolling for me as the Bulls beat the Heat this Sunday...

Mike Brown fired, Phil Jackson returning? and other loose thoughts

The big news around the NBA was the firing of coach Mike Brown after just five games. There's plenty of blame to go around, but like any divorce, the blame is pointless. Sure Kobe wanted the Princeton offense which is now being blamed for the poor start (despite very high offensive efficiency implying the offense is working). Sure Brown's a completely pedestrian coach who probably didn't deserve the job in the first place...

Bulls vs Lakers 7pm on ESPN/CSN - Phil's Chicago swan song?

Derrick Rose has never defeated the Lakers. Joakim Noah has never defeated the Lakers. It’s time for those streaks to end. The Lakers roll into Chicago in what many believe to be Phil Jackson’s final United Center appearance.   Why those people think the Lakers won’t make it to the finals out west is beyond me,... Read more »

Time for Bulls to bury the hatchet with Krause?

Mike Ingrem thinks so: Come on, guys, grow up. Enough is enough. At first the ridiculing of Krause was cute, perhaps even appropriate, but now it comes across as tall men behaving like spoiled, snotty, petty little children. Why do Jordan and Pippen perpetuate this grudge? Apparently because they can. Krause is defenseless against athletes... Read more »

Former Bulls leap to the defense of franchise

Former Bulls leap to the defense of franchise
After Dwyane Wade spouted off his insanity about the Bulls organization lacking loyalty, ex-Bulls from all over the place have leaped to defend it. Phil Jackson: “(Wade) made a statement about the Bulls not being loyal,” Jackson told NBA Fanhouse. “However, he forgot there are about six or seven people there still with the Bulls... Read more »

General coaching update [yeah I'm slow]

Per KC Johnson: “I have no, at all, desire to go back to Chicago and coach the Bulls,” Jackson told reporters before Game 5 of the Western Conference finals in Phoenix. The report went on to say the Nets had made similar back-channel efforts to gauge Jackson’s interest. “Those channels have not reached me,” Jackson... Read more »

Bulls reaching out to Jackson, going for it all

Per Chris Broussard, ESPN: The Chicago Bulls have reached out to Phil Jackson to gauge his interest in returning to the franchise he coached during the 1990s, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation. There has been no direct contact between Bulls officials and Jackson, according to the sources, but people close to... Read more »

Phil Jackson still in play for the Bulls?

David Schuster of the score apparently facebooked that Phil Jackson is still in play for the Bulls.   Schuster and I aren’t friends [not that we’re enemies, I just mean we’re not connected via facebook], so I haven’t seen it first hand though apparently B&B also discussed it on the radio. The rumor comes down... Read more »

On a ridiculous scale of 1 to 10? Jackson and Kobe to Chicago

Barry Rozner throws some stuff against the wall. Well, that window is open again and it might allow both Jackson and Kobe Bryant to jump right through it and land in Chicago. Jackson’s a free agent after this season, and the talk in L.A. is that the Lakers will expect him to take a big... Read more »

Book Review: Blood on the Horns

After a week off from book reviews, I’m back after reading Blood on the Horns by Roland Lazenby.  Before even getting to the extended review, let me just say, if you haven’t read this book and you are a Bulls fan from the Jordan era, stop reading this review and go get it.   Those... Read more »