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Bulls vs Celtics 7pm on TNT, Rose, Garnett likely out

Bulls vs Celtics 7pm on TNT, Rose, Garnett likely out
Tonight's matchup will likely feature each team missing one of its heavy weights. Derrick Rose will likely miss the game for the Bulls while Kevin Garnett should sit for the Celtics. Obviously, the Bulls will feel the greater impact of the two...

Should the Bulls trade with the Celtics?

Could the Celtics look any more done than they have this season? Granted, a compressed schedule is toughest on an aging team, but the Boston Celtics look truly finished. This is not a team that will go anywhere in the playoffs and may even miss them. The big three era is over...

How many Bulls make the all-star team?

Derrick Rose became the first Chicago Bull to make an all-star squad since Michael Jordan, and I expect he’ll make it again this season.  However, this year, he may have some teammates with him. Here’s a look how I handicap the all-star game prior to the season starting. First let’s look at last year’s all-stars... Read more »

Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics, 7:00 PM TNT

It all comes down to this. The final two games of the season. Tonight, the Bulls take on their opponents from last year’s playoffs, the Boston Celtics, and tomorrow they’ll be in Charlotte to close out the regular season. Chicago is fighting the Toronto Raptors for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. The... Read more »

Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics, 7:00 PM NBATV

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo have all given the Bulls problems in the past. Tonight, the four enter the United Center to face the struggling Chicago Bulls. After a hard-fought overtime win against the Golden State Warriors last night, the Bulls will attempt to see if they can win two straight,... Read more »

Raising James

I didn’t want to write about James Johnson.  Not yet.  Doug’s already given his take and really, the Bulls won’t know what they have in him until at least Christmas.  But then, in my first taste of the watered-down wine that is the NBA preseason, he went and did this: So even though it’s entirely... Read more »

What if LeBron, Wade, and Bosh say no?

The Bulls have positioned themselves to make a max bid on a 2010 superstar free agent in their prime.  We all know this, and yet we also know that this plan is fraught with peril.   What if the Bulls are unable to obtain such a player? For the sake of this discussion, I view LeBron... Read more »