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Chicago Coalescing: Hoiberg And Bulls Offense Reaching Legendary Heights

Chicago Coalescing: Hoiberg And Bulls Offense Reaching Legendary Heights
Fred Hoiberg has been called a lot of things during his short tenure with the Chicago Bulls. Some nice, some things that I can not repeat on this blog (and even worse!), but one word that hasn’t been used enough when discussing Fred Hoiberg is adaptability. He’s been able to roll with the punches that... Read more »

The Offense Against The Hawks Is A Sign Of Things To Come

The Offense Against The Hawks Is A Sign Of Things To Come
The malaise of preseason basketball is done and I’m officially worried about the Bulls’ ability to create an efficient offense. Well, that’s not true. Ever since the Bulls front office put together their new-look squad, it’s been a lasting thought, one which resurfaced again after the Bulls fell to Atlanta Hawks. If this has worried... Read more »

Bulls focused on defensive improvement, but offense will decide their fate

When asked if the Bulls can keep improving, Derrick Rose replied in the affirmative, and you can tell who his coach is by the reply...

Bulls mediocre offense, scheme or personnel?

The Chicago Bulls had a championship caliber defense last season. They finished #1 in defensive rating and were solid even against the elite offenses of the league. Unfortunately, their 11th rated offensive rating simply wasn't championship caliber...

Truly Offensive

Now that the personnel-acquisition phase of the summer is nearly complete, I’m getting excited to see what Coach Thibideaux will do with players the front office has assembled.  One thing I always appreciated about Doc Rivers Boston teams has been the way they play offense-instead of hewing to a single orthodox philosophy, they tend to... Read more »

The New Additions: By the Numbers

One of the sneakier things the front office did at the deadline was trade Salmons and Tyrus and get back two guys on expiring deals, Hakim Warrick and Flip Murray, who seem to fit the vacated bench slots on first glance.  Flip can score off the bench from the outside, and has done well scoring... Read more »

How can the Bulls win games with the present injuries?

In my first column covering the loss to the Raptors I pointed out that the Bulls presently can’t win in any standard phase of basketball right now.    On offense, they don’t have efficient scoring via the free throw line, three point line, or low post offense.   No offense driven by the mid range... Read more »

Do Vinny Del Negro's schemes fit the Bulls personnel?

After discussing how all of the player’s fit along side Derrick Rose, the most obvious follow up question is to evaluate how well the head coach fits the team.  Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to steal a copy of the Bulls playbook yet, so this is largely based on how his offense works when watching the... Read more »