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Lotto results should help the East, may help the Bulls

The Cavaliers will be picking #1 again for the third time in four years after hitting on a 1.7% chance to win the lottery.  I suppose the conspiracy theorists will say the NBA just wants to make up for that whole LeBron James thing by putting a dominant team in one of the crappiest markets in the NBA instead of in Boston or L.A...

Mike Brown fired, Phil Jackson returning? and other loose thoughts

The big news around the NBA was the firing of coach Mike Brown after just five games. There's plenty of blame to go around, but like any divorce, the blame is pointless. Sure Kobe wanted the Princeton offense which is now being blamed for the poor start (despite very high offensive efficiency implying the offense is working). Sure Brown's a completely pedestrian coach who probably didn't deserve the job in the first place...

Latest rumored signings and impact on the Bulls

Yesterday was the first day that signings were leaking around the league including several players the bulls were "targeting", and the league nixing a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers...

The Pacers are better than people think

Watching the widespread panic settle over NBA analysts and Bulls fans because the Bulls have won two close games amuses me.   The Chicago Bulls have not played their best basketball, even I am not denying that.   However, so much of the angst over these two close wins comes from the fact that the Pacers look... Read more »

Playoffs around the league

After Saturday’s near loss, I thought the Bulls playing poorly in the first round might be an interesting talking point for today.   They’re just a blip on the radar because for the first time in the history of the NBA, the 1 and 2 seed of the same conference both lost their first game.  ... Read more »

Western conference preview

The Western conference has long been the dominant conference.   No more.   It has the Lakers, and it has some other good teams, but the conference is quickly losing steam,    The top three teams (in terms of record anyway) are all in last gasp mode with the Lakers the only one of the group with a... Read more »

Bulls tied for best record in the NBA

The Chicago Bulls accomplished several things last night.   They tied the Spurs for the best record in the NBA.   They went one step closer towards winning out on the season.   They beat the last team in the league they hadn’t yet defeated (only team to beat everyone at least once).   They also saw Joakim Noah... Read more »

Rodman elected to HOF, Bulls magic number down to five

Per Detroit free press: Former Detroit Pistons Bad Boy Dennis Rodman has been elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame. The official announcement is expected to be made Monday at the Final Four in Houston. Rodman shared the news the with media before tonight’s ceremony to retire his No. 10 at the Palace. Congrats Dennis,... Read more »

Bulls @ Pistons 6:30 on CSN+ plus Boston, Miami, SA, and LA play

As always, CSN+ is channel 666 or you directv users.  The Bulls go on to face the Detroit Pistons tonight, in a game which doesn’t project to be all that difficult.  The Pistons are generally undersized, have the worst front court in the league, and don’t really have an advantage at any position on the... Read more »

Were you rooting for Miami or LA last night?

It’s odd, emotionally, I can’t root for the Heat.   Can’t do it.   Even though I think it’s irrational, and I think the hate on Miami is still overblown.   I just can’t root for them. Logically, I think I’m glad the Heat won.   You see, the Bulls are fighting a battle for homecourt... Read more »