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Bulls at Lakers 9:30 on CSN - Taj officially questionable but unlikely to play

Of all the games on the circus trip, this is the one that looks like the sure loss.   The game where the Bulls would simply be overmatched, and Taj Gibson, after seeking medical advise, said it’s a strong possibility he’d miss the game. Without Boozer and Gibson, the Bulls will face a particularly difficult... Read more »

The Heat could build the case for Kobe vs Jordan

The Miami Heat have already lost three games, and don’t appear to be a threat to break the 72-10 record this season, however, the forming of the three kings might have a tremendous impact if the record falls this year. There were a lot of reasons the Bulls broke that record, but perhaps the biggest... Read more »

2010-2011 NBA award predictions

With the NBA kick season kicking off tomorrow, it’s prediction time.  As a fan, I always felt prediction threads were silly.  There are too many unpredictable variables that can sway a season.  I thought why would any writer try and subject themselves to such scrutiny over something that, if they could do successfully, they’d millions... Read more »

Top 10 players for the next five seasons, where's Derrick?

Top 10 players for the next five seasons, where's Derrick?
There are many ways to value players.   How much would this player help you in one year?   How much would this player help you if you were starting from scratch and had to build a team over a number of years?   Do you factor in present contracts when making these choices?  ... Read more »

And you sir, are no Michael Jordan

And you sir, are no Michael Jordan
Yes, I’m looking at you Kobe Bryant.   I’m looking at you LeBron James.  It’s not your fault, the media screwed you both on this by bringing it up all the time, but in case there’s any doubt, let me clear it up for you.  You may be great, but you are no Michael Jordan. For... Read more »

Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan? Another title doesn't mean we have to talk about it again

Look the discussion is patently ridiculous.  It also annoys me a bit that Bulls fans are so insecure that they get drawn into this talking heads Kobe vs Michael thing.  It’s hard for me to believe any serious basketball analyst in the world believes in his heart of hearts that they’re taking Kobe over Jordan.... Read more »

Kobe signs monster extension guaranteeing future bad contract status

Kobe Bryant had the ability to become an unrestricted free agent this off-season, and while it was basically never talked about because no one believed he’d actually leave the Lakers, there was always some small sliver of a chance he could take up someone’s cap space this off-season.  That chance is now gone. Kobe signed... Read more »

On a ridiculous scale of 1 to 10? Jackson and Kobe to Chicago

Barry Rozner throws some stuff against the wall. Well, that window is open again and it might allow both Jackson and Kobe Bryant to jump right through it and land in Chicago. Jackson’s a free agent after this season, and the talk in L.A. is that the Lakers will expect him to take a big... Read more »

Kobe Bryant view of management

I don’t go off topic too much on this blog, but this quote I saw by Kobe gave me a good chuckle. “I’m set up to have a good run here,” Bryant said. “I’ve been very fortunate. I went through seven years of hell. Management decided that it was time to spend the money to... Read more »

Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers, 7:00 PM WGN

Kobe Bryant is in the city of Chicago tonight, ready to face the struggling Chicago Bulls. Bryant, who messed up his index finger against Minnesota earlier in the week, has a supporting cast of Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom to help make up for the pain in his shooting hand. The last time... Read more »