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At least we played the Wizards

For my first game live at the UC, I got the enjoyment of watching perhaps the ugliest basketball game in the Derrick Rose era. I suppose the good news was that it was a win. If there was a prop bet on John Lucas having a 25, 8, and 8 game this season, I bet you'd have cleaned up...

Bulls blow out the Wizards

Not going to go full recap on you, because in a game where you absolutely annihilate the competition there typically isn’t much to learn from the game. Still, this game had some epic moments. It started off early with the Rose ally oop pass to Joakim Noah on the fast break, and the Bulls kept... Read more »

Bulls at Wizards 6pm on CSN

The Bulls no longer get to see the friendly face of Kirk Hinrich on the team with a bottom feeder and instead will need to face him four more times when they play the Hawks. Now we’re down to just the John Wall show, and maybe Javale McGee can replicate his three ball dunk to... Read more »

Gibson named to sophomore team for the Rookie challenge

Taj Gibson’s been named to the Sophomore team for the Rookie challenge game on all-star weekend. Joining Evans on the Sophomore team are: San Antonio Spurs center DeJuan Blair, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan, Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson, Philadelphia 76ers guard Jrue Holiday, Oklahoma City Thunder forward/center Serge... Read more »

Bulls survive Arenas, play lousy basketball, but get the win

I’m guessing that Tom Thibodeau wasn’t handing out victory cigars in this one, in fact, I’m pretty certain he was ripping the team a new one in the locker room after this game, because they were fortunate to get a win playing so poorly.   All that said, you never really felt the outcome of this... Read more »

2010-2011 NBA award predictions

With the NBA kick season kicking off tomorrow, it’s prediction time.  As a fan, I always felt prediction threads were silly.  There are too many unpredictable variables that can sway a season.  I thought why would any writer try and subject themselves to such scrutiny over something that, if they could do successfully, they’d millions... Read more »

Bulls vs Wizards 7pm on WGN - The return of Kirk

Much like when Jordan returned to the court as a Wizard, I expect Hinrich’s return as a Wizard to be similarly dramatic.  Probably encompassing a 10 minute standing ovation where Kirk will have to stop and give a speech afterwards. Okay, the drama probably won’t be quite the same, but I expect that he’ll generally... Read more »

Top 10 players for the next five seasons, where's Derrick?

Top 10 players for the next five seasons, where's Derrick?
There are many ways to value players.   How much would this player help you in one year?   How much would this player help you if you were starting from scratch and had to build a team over a number of years?   Do you factor in present contracts when making these choices?  ... Read more »

The lottery goes reasonably well for the Bulls

Not that the Bulls had too much at stake, it would have been nice to see the top two picks go out West while both are staying in the Eastern conference.   Washington won the #1 slot.   Combine that with their cap room, and they could be on a fast track to rebuilding, but... Read more »