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Wade's Bulls give LeBron and the Cavs their 3rd Straight Loss

Wade's Bulls give LeBron and the Cavs their 3rd Straight Loss
This game recap is brought to you by Daniel Boldt. You can follow him on Twitter @DanielBoldt. Bulls win! Bulls win! Bulls win! In a December matchup between Dwyane Wade and the Bulls and LeBron and the Cavs, the UC was electric from start to finish as the Bulls beat the Cavs 111-105. After a... Read more »

James Johnson's summer league highlights

Thanks to Ryguy from realgm and Bullspodcasters for posting these James Johnson highlights to youtube. Game 1: Game 2: Game 4:

James Johnson interview

James Johnson had a strong debut with 21 points on 9 of 13 from the field along with eight boards, a block, a steal, four turnovers, and five fouls in 37 and a half minutes.   Beyond the statistics Johnson flashed all the things you wanted to see from him. He showed tremendous ball handling... Read more »

Vegas baby! VEGAS!

You know you’re a Bulls fan when you’re anticipating Chicago Bulls Summer League action so badly that you woke up this morning clicked on yahoo sports and thought “Prince Fielder won the home run derby?   I didn’t know it was the all-star break”.   Such was my experience at O’Hare Airport this morning awaiting... Read more »

James Johnson facts

This was sheer awesomeness for me to read, so I figured I’d pass on the link to those who hadn’t seen it.   Some of my personal favorites that I hadn’t seen before: James Johnson wasn’t born. He just decided to live. James Johnson has counted to infinity. Twice. James Johnson was once in a... Read more »

Bulls looking at Boozer per rumorpress.net

On the heels of my morning train ride article, the Bulls are now rumored to be in talks with Utah about Carlos Boozer per rumorpress.net. Look for the Chicago Bulls to make a strong push for Carlos Boozer. Reports have indicated the Bulls are interested in trading for the Utah Jazz power forward and there... Read more »

Interesting notes from "Ask Sam"

Sam Smith’s blog and mailbag are always must reads, so check out the full link.  However, here are a few of the notes I found most interesting. But you’d have to deal Kirk into someone’s cap space, and that was proving unlikely with Portland and Minnesota no longer that interested. Ben deserves our praise and... Read more »

Gar Forman on Waddle and Silvy

Gar Foreman appeared on the Waddle and Silvy show to address the draft last night.  He went into a wide array of topics related to trades, talent and value. Forman says the Bulls identified Johnson as a top 5-7 talent in the draft.   I have no problem believing that.   I had Johnson ranked in my... Read more »

Morning after: Draft thoughts and the new makeup of the Chicago Bulls

After a night to sleep on a relatively boring draft, I’ve come up with the key questions relating to the Bulls going forward, and how our draft effects the rest of our summer.  First, James Johnson is still a stud, relatively speaking, and I’m happy we drafted him.   Taj Gibson, after looking up his profile,... Read more »

Bulls select James Johnson #16

The Chicago Bulls selected James Johnson with the 16th pick of the draft.   Johnson has been the man I’ve hoped the Bulls would take since I began scouting players for the draft ranking 9th overall on my personal draft board. Johnson excels at taking players off the dribble.   He has the weight and bulk... Read more »