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Predicted adjustments for game two

With the Miami Heat getting blown out against the Chicago Bulls, there’s definitely going to be adjustments.   After watching the game again last night and trying to break down the offensive play making for Chicago, I came up with my best guess as to how Miami decides to adjust to Chicago, and what Chicago... Read more »

Bulls vs Pacers Round 1, Game 2 - 8:30 on CSN/TNT

Tune in to the CSN feed if you can, because the TNT feed is likely to still be covering the Miami Heat game at the tip off today, so you’ll probably only catch the beginning on CSN.  Of course, the way the Bulls start games, maybe we’re better off watching TNT and just tuning in... Read more »

Bulls delivered their best shot; fell short

The Bulls lost to the Cavs again, a result which isn’t likely to surprise many.   The series wasn’t one the Bulls realistically ever had a chance to win, and down two games to none, they’d need to beat the Cavs in four of the next five games to advance.   If LeBron James tore... Read more »